February 16, 2018

Mimecast's New Offices in Lexington - Recap of the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (Slideshow)

It’s not uncommon for a company to move when they experience growth in their employee ranks. Take, for example, the UK-based, email-focused cybersecurity company Mimecast. Since they started doing business in North America in 2008, they went from having 45 people in their Newton office to more than doubling that in Watertown. Recently, they packed up once again to a new location.

Their new location in Lexington’s Spring Street Office Park  is the right size for housing nearly 300 employees in their North American branch. Mimecast commemorated their new offices, naturally, with a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating their growth and success. The company has several enterprise-wide clients, including Goodwin & Proctor, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Celtics (who were one of Mimecast’s first North American clients).

Co-Founder and CEO Peter Bauer held the ceremony in the company’s new employee conference area, which featured stadium seating. The upper floor also held vantage points to this new area, which Bauer joked about by saying it resembled a Roman coliseum.

Bauer wasn’t the only person speaking. Governor Charlie Baker took center stage to talk about his appreciation for cybersecurity in the Boston tech scene, and said complimentary statements about how Mimecast is one of the leaders in this space.

In a one-on-one conversation following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Bauer went into detail about the various locations they once claimed as headquarters.

“When we were in Newton, we had no windows,” Bauer recalled. “I remember we had to buy one of our first telephone systems through a Craigslist deal in our parking lot.”

“Even with this new office, I still remember that deal,” the CEO added with a chuckle.

Afterwords, Mimecast employees gave attendees the chance to see the company’s new spaces. Throughout the tour, we got to see the sharp, blue color scheme of the tech support and sales areas, a few of the conference rooms, and a library that reflects their UK origins. Despite growing to huge numbers, the company retains a collaborative spirit with their wide-open spaces.

“One thing we pride ourselves on is being a company people like to work at. We do a lot of employee surveys, and the word ‘belonging’ comes up quite a bit,” Bauer said. “What we do isn’t trivial, as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but we want people to relate and feel like they belong.”

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Masthead, thumbnail, and ceremony pics courtesy of Mimecast.