February 24, 2015
MediSafe: A Better Way to Help Loved Ones Get Healthier

Business ideas come from all angles - some thoroughly thought out, some on a bar napkin and others through more unfortunate circumstance. The latter being the case for two Israeli brothers who, when their father had an accidental overdose of insulin (which thankfully they were able to catch and remedy), believed there had to be a better way for patients with chronic conditions. 

In 2012, in Israel, Omri and Rotem Shor founded MediSafe, a data-driven Medication Management Platform designed to understand the personal causes of non-adherence and use this information in real time to create better patient engagement and raise medication adherence. 

Early this year, MediSafe, whose app has registered over 1.4 million downloads, raised $6 million to accelerate user growth in the U.S. market. To support the market expansion, MediSafe relocated its headquarters to Boston from Israel and hired Jon Michaeli as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. 

Next month, Omri Shor, the company’s CEO, will move to Boston full-time to oversee the MedTech startup. 

Today, MediSafe provides an easy to use interface to help people comply with their medication needs. Its simplest function is a notification to the patient when medications are due to be taken, along with dosage information. The app also provides a realistic experience for the user by providing imagery of the specific pills, helping to ensure the correct ones are taken. Furthermore, the app mimics a physical pill case, which many chronic medical patients are familiar with.

 MediSafe Boston

MediSafe’s platform goes well beyond simple notifications, however. Caregivers of the patient can also be synced up to the platform, providing ability to monitor their loved one’s activity. A son is able to tell if and when his mother took her medication, for instance. 

Additional features are on their way as well, Michaeli told me last week. Features such as connectivity with physicians and pharmacies, as well as insurance providers, all, which MediSafe believes, will breakdown patients’ individual barriers to medication compliance. 

A recently added feature is the “Feed,” which provides real-time patient activity as well as relevant information for the patient and caregivers. Patients soon will also be able to register certain medical activity, such as glucose levels.

 MediSafe Boston

MediSafe is not providing medical suggestions, but rather a plethora of data. The platform not only connects patients with their team of caregivers, but also provides educational material to all involved, keeping them informed of relevant trends.

Patients have the ability to print and share reports of their medications and other relevant activity – a feature that can be extremely handy for those making frequent visits to doctors or hospitals. 

We’re seeing a lot of activity in the healthcare and MedTech space of late. It’s an industry that many see as broken and in desperate need of change. Boston is a hub for medicine and healthcare, featuring some of the world’s most renowned hospitals, which is why we’re seeing a surge in startups in healthcare here. Companies like CoPatient, Wellframe, Wellable, PillPack and MeYou Health have all made their home here. 

Michaeli said MediSafe, who expects to roll out some major partnership announcements in the coming months, “chose Boston because it is a mecca for healthcare.” 

Michaeli was equally excited at the challenge of building a consumer tech business here in Boston, as much is discussed on this topic and how our city doesn’t compare to the west coast. And anyone interested in that challenge and excited about MedTech should check out their hiring efforts, as this is an exciting time for MediSafe. 

Using everyday technologies people already have, MediSafe’s technology is making it easier for families and friends to give the support needed to help their loved ones get healthier. And they are just scratching the surface of their plans and potential. Even so, their platform is extremely popular, and active, as over 70% of those who have downloaded the app began using it in the first week. 

If you’re someone using multiple medications or a caregiver for a loved one dealing with chronic medical issues, check out MediSafe and find out first-hand why so many people across the U.S. are turning to this Boston tech company’s platform for help.

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