January 2, 2013
MassChallenge Looking to Expand Team with Technical Lead

As we kick off 2013, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part
of Boston startup ecosystem with all of the amazing people, resources and great
community it boasts.

There are many great programs and initiatives in Boston
making a real and positive impact, one of which I believe is MassChallenge. I first got involved with
the program as a volunteer mentor and judge in the inaugural 2010 season after
my last company was acquired, and then joined the team full-time as Chief
Mentorship Officer in 2011. I feel lucky to be able to interact with so many
amazing startups each year, and the just-as-amazing experts from across the
ecosystem who volunteer their time to assist these entrepreneurs and startups
as they build and do great things.

This has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding career
move for me personally, and I’m excited that we’re now able to offer a similar
opportunity for additional individuals to join our team. Of particular note here
is that we’re looking to expand our core
team with the addition of a technical rockstar
(a.k.a. “Principal Software
Engineer” or whatever title suffices) to help us deliver even more value to
startups, investors, mentors, judges and to the ecosystem at large.

Technology is key to helping us achieve the MassChallenge
mission at our scale. We support 125 new startups each year, a community of alumni
startups (over 300 already), hundreds of mentors and judges, incoming applications
from around the world, amazing sponsors and countless other resources in the
network. Technology enables all of this, and moving forward it offers the
promise of continuing to increase the value that is delivered to startups and
the ecosystem.

While we already leverage technology significantly, we are
now prepared to do much more and are looking for a software guru to help make
it happen.

Having come from the startup ecosystem (and also having a
software background) myself, I know that for
the right rockstar out there this is an unbelievably great opportunity

Lots of software jobs are about working with a great team,
working on cool products, and getting paid insanely well.

This job is similar in many respects but is also a bit different:

  • This opportunity is primarily about being
    excited to have an impact not just on
    one company
    or one customer base, but
    on hundreds of startups and the startup ecosystem as a whole
  • It’s also about being the top technical dog and getting to design and implement the software systems/applications that are
    used not only internally but by all of the participants in the MassChallenge
    community and beyond.
  • It’s about being at the center of an amazing network of entrepreneurs,
    investors and mentors.
  • It’s about believing in and being psyched to
    help drive our non-profit mission of helping entrepreneurs to succeed.
  • And it’s about being part of a startup (MassChallenge itself) and its small,
    dedicated, hard-working and awesome team.

More details of this and other new positions are available
. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please send them my way and help us continue
to grow this awesome Boston startup ecosystem even further!

Karl Büttner is the Chief Mentorship Officer at MassChallenge. You can follow Karl on Twitter (@karlbuttner) by clicking here.  You can also follow MassChallenge on Twitter, Facebook or on the