May 10, 2016

iZotope's Office Tour: Literally Music to Your Ears

No two days, projects, or people are alike at iZotope. These differences help the company thrive. The iZotope team has spent over 15 years developing award-winning audio production tools. The employees are driven by a passion for audio. Their innovative audio technology products power the music, film, and TV industries. Everyone from hobbyists to GRAMMY, Oscar, and Emmy winners utilize iZotope's technology.

The open layout and casual vibes at iZotope offer a synergenic atmosphere. Whether employees are keeping things under control on the soundboards or having an impromptu jam session, they sure enjoy themselves at the office. There's no doubt that there's some buzz around the halls at iZotope (or maybe its the bass bumping from the DJ on Fridays). One last thing: don't forget to say hi to the team's own Emmy in her office!

iZotope is still growing and is hiring for multiple positions, so make sure you check out their BIZZpage for the details.

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