May 31, 2016

InsightSquared Office Tour: At this Company, Being 'Square' is Actually Awesome

At InsightSquared, a company that provides sales performance analytics for rapid growth tech businesses, the vibes are nothing short of contagious. It's where being called "square" - a word reserved for employees - is the highest term of endearment. 

The bright, open concept space invites creative conversations and ideas. And that happens often - afterall, collaboration is its lifeblood. During the week, you can find squares taking a break playing shuffle board, tossing some cornhole bags, or throwing down the gauntlet at the ping-pong table.

New squares are hired based on their "awesomeness" and ability to hang with the best of them - "shy" isn't a word used to describe the team at InsightSquared. Open spaces are often utilized for Lunch and Learns and even internal hackathons. Cross-departmental collab is as natural as beer is to Friday Happy Hour. Grab a brew from the tap, kick back, and hang!

InsightSquared is looking for their next awesome team member! They're hiring for multiple positions, so make sure you check out their BIZZpage for the details.


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