June 18, 2015
IdeaPaint Takes its Innovation from Walls to Mobile with New Bounce App

IdeaPaint was founded in 2008 around the vision of encouraging and inspiring people to reach their full creative and productive potential. The product simply turns walls into whiteboard, maximizing your physical brainstorming space. 

By now, most everyone has experienced (and loved) the product. 

A lot has change since 2008, though. It’s an ever-connected world we live in and for businesses to stay current they, too need to change. Well, IdeaPaint, a company full of innovative and inspiring team members, has done just that. With the launch of its first mobile app, BOUNCE, they’ve connected their long-standing paint products to your mobile device, allowing teams to continue collaborating after a brainstorming or work session ends. 

 IdeaPaint Bounce App

I asked IdeaPaint VP of Marketing, Jen Reddy, why the time was right to make the move into technology: 

"We work with some amazing brands. We get the unique perspective of seeing and hearing how they work off their idea walls.  This app was co-created WITH our customers to keep collaboration alive, long after their meetings end. The features in BOUNCE were chosen and built to deliver on the simple wants and needs our customers have for getting their ideas executed, faster.” 

We all have endless amounts of photos in our camera rolls of sketches and copy drawn out on our whiteboards or IdeaPaint walls. Those photos get buried and ultimately lost for good. Even worse, team members not in the room during the work session are not tuned in to the thought process. Bounce is looking to change all that. 

The app is currently available for iOS with Android availability coming latr this summer. 

Developed by Hill Holiday’s four-year old digital innovation lab, Project Beacon, Bounce allows team members to easily assign tasks, refer back to key moments from a session and build on other’s ideas, including the ability to draw on saved images as if still in front of the original wall or whiteboard. 

“Bounce solves a problem that people care about - keeping ideas alive after an Ideation session ends - with an intuitive interface that builds on familiar mobile interactions,” said John running, EVP, Director of Innovation and Technology at Hill Holiday

 IdeaPaint Bounce App

IdeaPaint and Hill Holiday collaborated with IdeaPaint users to ensure their true needs were met. One of those beta users was MassChallenge. Robby Bitting, the accelerator’s Director of Marketing shared his experience with the app: 

Bounce helps us collaborate by allowing us to loop in members who miss brainstorms. Simply capturing and sharing notes is much easier now. We’re also able to continue conversations around visual content like wireframes and infographics, since we can catalogue and annotate original drafts. But my favorite feature is that Bounce acts like a magic wand for my whiteboard pictures. The contrast is amazing, which makes the images more usable.” 

Virgin Pulse Design Director, Ann Kimura, was also an early adopter: 

“Bounce is going to have a big impact on how we’re able to broaden small moments of inspiration into better collaboration with the whole of our product team. We love the share-ability and team building that’s built right into the app.” 

IdeaPaint has been an important company to Boston’s innovation economy and their ongoing growth and success will only help the city’s ecosystem. Their move into technology takes this to a new level. If IdeaPaint can innovative, now, through technology as much as they did back in 2008 when they first got dry erase paint on walls, we’ll all be better off.


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