December 18, 2012
How We Do Startups in Boston [video]

At the MassTLC unConference event, I was catching up with C.A. Webb, the Executive Director of the New England Venture Capital Association.  She was recruiting companies to participate in a holiday video greeting card, where we could show off how Boston does startups... similar to some of the great holiday videos produced by First Round Capital (which should be coming out any day now).

They worked closely with the team at directr and ultimately recruited 33 startups to provide video around a day in the life of a startup... the hard work... but the fun too.

The finished product is a great video where we can show off to the rest of the world how we do startups in Boston. 

Why should we show off? 

Well, as the year is coming to a close, we have reason to celebrate here in Boston.  Did you know that companies in Boston raised over $3B in capital.... and 68 companies either went public or were acquired with a combined market value of over $35B??!!

Check out the video below and please share across your social networks!  Let's celebrate Boston! 

PS - you can see individual company videos here.