June 20, 2011
The History of Android

Back in 2003, Android was a startup that was on a mission to build
something innovative... with an original business model for building a platform for carriers... that ultimately
made a major pivot based on meetings with Google, who subsequently
acquired Android in 2005.  Today, Android is the mobile operating system for over 100 million gadgets.

stumbled upon this great video of Rich Miner discussing the history of
Android at a Mobile Monday Boston meeting last August.  Rich is one of the co-founders of Android and he is now a Partner with Google Ventures in Cambridge.

This is a great video for
entrepreneurs to watch.  One of the important lesson that he talks about
is... "be at the right place, at the right time."  Meaning... they spent their time building technology in a market that was ripe for disruption because:  A.
Technology had advanced to the point where it made building Android feasible (CPU power, memory, touch screens, battery life) & B. The major
players (except Apple) were dropping the ball.

Below is the video - enjoy!