April 19, 2018

Harvard Business School New Venture Competition Finale 2018 Recap

It may come as no surprise that Harvard Business School is home to several student-led startups all over their campus. And the New Venture Competition, which is an annual contest organized by HBS’ Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Initiative, is the perfect showcase for that.

The university’s Shad Auditorium was host to the final part of the competition, which was a series of pitches from the 12 (of over 300!) finalists. Presenting at awards at the event were Jodi Gernon, the Director of the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship; Matt Segneri, the Director of the Social Enterprise Initiative; and Mary-Helen Black, the Director of HBS Alumni Clubs & Associations.

Prior to the awards, HBS Professor and Co-Chairman of the Rock Center Professor Thomas Eisenmann gave a speech on the history of the competition and how they have brought in freshman students to alumni who have graduated decades ago into the competition.

The pitches were split up into three separate tracks: Alumni (graduates from HBS taking part in the competition), Social (student-led startups solving problems while making a positive social impact), and Business (startups that are taking on enterprise or specific industry-wide problems). The awards were given out to the standout startup in each of these three categories.

Winners and Slideshow of the Finalists

Below is a list of the winners and slideshow of each of the 12 companies that presented. As you’ll notice, there is a myriad of industries and social problems these students and alumni are looking to disrupt and/or solve, respectively.

Crowd Favorite - $5K

The New Venture Competition allows its audience to vote for who they felt was their favorite via an online poll.

Alumni: WeMaintain

Social: Umbilizer

Business: hour72+

Runner-Up - $25K

Alumni: Magma

Social: Neptune

Business: Alpha Vantage

Grand - $75K

Alumni: DynamiCare Health

Social: Umbilizer

Business: hour72+

Colin W. Barry is a Staff Writer & Editor at VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash