April 14, 2014
"Great Startup Debates" - Event Preview

Great Startup Debates is a new series of events bringing together the startup community for some fun, lighthearted discussion about different subjects, causes and issues surrounding us today. 

On Wednesday April 16th, The New England Venture Capital Association, TUGG, Nutter McClennen & Fish and Workbar are teaming up to host the first debate; Women Should Make Up the Majority of all Company Boards.Of course, with TUGG involved there is a charitable focus here. Proceeds of the event will be split - 80% to Winner, 20% to Loser - to the teams’ predetermined charity of choice. 

Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe will serve as the Moderator, while the Contenders will be two-person teams for both the ‘Affirmative’ and the ‘Negative.’ 

Arguing in favor will be Dave McLaughlin of Vsnap and Malia Lazu of Future Boston Alliance. They’ll be debating on behalf of Dream Big!, who is helping low-income and homeless girls achieve their dreams by providing the basic items necessary to enable them to participate in sports and physical activity. 

Opposing them, and debating on behalf of Science Club for Girls - who fosters excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering & mathematics – is Olivia Dufour of NTT Data and Jon Karlen of Atlas Venture. 

Tickets start at $15.00 (tix are all the same, but you can choose your generosity level) and guests will be asked to declare their stance on the topic upon registration. At the conclusion of the debate a vote will take place and the winner will be awarded based on which way the audience has been swayed. 

Food and drink will accompany good people before and after the debate.  All in the name of good fun and good causes this event is set up to be the first of many entertaining more to come.  So head over to Workbar Cambridge Wednesday night and see if your stance on this issue can be swayed by the Great Debaters! 

Josh Boyle is Co-founder, BrandMatch Score and Contributor, VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter: @jb_sid