March 29, 2017

Working in Boston Tech: Glance Networks

Glance Networks is a company devoted to the visual engagement of customers. Its platform called Glance Panorama provides a vast array of technical solutions around screen sharing, co-browsing, data capturing and other visual-based mediums.

Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks

The privately funded company is located in a revamped, and modernized, mill building in Arlington, and has their own unique office vibe among the employees.

We spoke with Tom Martin, Glance Network’s CEO, to get the inside scoop on the company and its culture. Among other subjects, we learned about the company’s products and the strong female presence within its employee ranks.

Glance Networks is hiring! Check out their BIZZpage for the company's latest job openings.

Quick Hit Company Details

  1. Year Founded: 2000

  2. Number of employees: 25

  3. Stage & Total Funding to Date: Bootstrapped; Private

Can you share the details on what Glance does?

Glance provides solutions that enable businesses to offer intelligent online customer care. With a single click, our enterprise visual engagement solutions allow customer service, sales, and support agents to visually connect with and guide customers through their experiences. The results include improved customer satisfaction, long-term customer loyalty, and increased revenue growth.

There’s a lot of talk about “visual engagement solutions” on your website.  Can you share some info about what that term means?

Sure. Visual engagement is all about connecting with online customers in a personal, visual way.

These days, it’s hard to differentiate yourself in the online space. You have to show customers that there’s value in doing business with you beyond simply purchasing a product or service.

Self-service is great to a certain extent, but there frequently comes a point when customers need to connect with another human being. This is particularly relevant when you’re talking about a high value transaction (like choosing a doctor or making a financial transaction). Building an emotional connection and trust with your customers is key.

That’s where Glance comes in.

Glance’s award-winning visual engagement platform allows that human touch to come into play, even in an online world. We combine our market-leading visual technologies such as Cobrowse, screen share and agent video into one simple, easy-to use solution that integrates seamlessly with existing customer engagement applications. One click and businesses can securely connect with customers through a real-time, interactive view of content regardless of where it resides—within a browser, in the cloud, on a desktop or on a mobile device.

The resulting conversations are relevant and to-the-point. Businesses can skip over questions like, “Where on the site are you?” (or even, “Are you on our site?”) and going right into, “Let me help you.”

Who are your customers and who is the end users of your products?

We work closely with enterprises that do business online and want to take customer engagement level to the next level. Financial services, healthcare, tech and SaaS businesses, retail, travel and leisure – wherever customer conversations are happening, we’re there.

What are your plans for growth in terms of hiring in 2017 and what positions?

We are growing rapidly. We’ve already added a number of new hires this year and we have plans to add several more. We’re especially in the market for enthusiastic customer success employees, as well as engineers that have a passion for creating breakthrough products that are easy to use and work every time.

What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture and working environment at Glance?

Glance has a very friendly, open environment, where we share everything from new feature ideas to baby pictures. Every Monday morning we have a huddle where we discuss the highlights of what we’ve been doing during the week and once a month we have a company meeting where, over lunch, we talk about company goals, achievements, and plans going forward.

Our teams are small, diverse, nimble, and committed to quality product development and promotion at a fast pace. We use a lot of interesting technology and there is ample opportunity to learn, contribute, expand your experience, and take on more responsibility.

Glance Networks Company CultureCan you talk about diversity across the company at Glance?  We noticed that almost half of your leadership team is women.

Women are an integral part of our management team and every team across the company. Even in Engineering, where it’s often difficult to find a female face, women have a strong presence.

While many companies strive to avoid any bias based on gender, background, age, skin color, etc., Glance is one of those rare tech companies that naturally achieved that goal from the get-go. It’s part of our culture.

What types of activities are employees involved in at or outside the office?Glance Networks and Mark Cuban

We have a lot of folks who love to play outdoors. Many of us bike to work, walk the bike path (which is practically outside our door) during the day, ski on the weekends, and more. We also regularly organize company outings and activities like dragon boat racing, bowling, picnics, and barbecues.

Share a random fun fact. 

Last year while we were at the Salesforce Dreamforce event, we met Mark Cuban! He graciously stopped by our booth and let us take a picture with him.

Rapid Fire Questions

  1. What’s on tap? Lagunitas IPA.

  2. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek.

  3. iPhone or Android? iPhone - we got ‘em for a holiday gift a few years ago! (The 2016 gift was an iPad…)

  4. Favorite employee perk? Free snacks! Want something that’s not in the cabinet? Ask and ye shall receive!

  5. What TV show or movie describes your culture? Big Bang Theory as we have a lot of crazy smart talent!

  6. What super hero could you see working at Glance? Elastigirl, because we all stretch ourselves to get a gazillion great things done at once.

Employee Testimonials

Debby Mendez, Glance Networks"When I joined Glance it was a small bootstrapped company of independent self starters.  Ten years later we've seen a ton of growth and change, but the best aspects of the bootstrap mentality still prevail.  Every day is a new opportunity to make a contribution."
Debby Mendez, Senior Software Engineer


Rich Baker, Glance Networks"Building a company is all about the people you choose to bring on board.  Here at Glance, our people are smart and hardworking, but most importantly, I feel each is a person of integrity."
Rich Baker, Founder and CTO



Sandy Tise, Glance Networks"The people who work here are passionate about what we do. I think it helps that we genuinely make our customers - and their customers - happy. Positive feedback is a great motivator."
Sandy Tise, VP of Sales



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Images courtesy of Glance Networks