April 24, 2018

GasBuddy Office Tour in Boston

Have you ever been on a long-winded road trip and just need to find a gas station nearby?

GasBuddy has created a mobile app that can point you in the right direction towards that much-needed pit stop. Its app has information on over 140,000 gas stations to help you find the closest gas station or relevant crowdsourced information on the best gas prices, cleanest restrooms, and more.

And for those same gas stations and retailers, the company offers B2B products for payments and advertising solutions.

Nearby Haymarket Square is GasBuddy's office, and since they work with gas stations, they take that into account when it comes the theming of their offices. For example, they have conference rooms named after snacks you buy at a gas station store and their "on tap" section comes complete with a gas pump. Aside from those features, the brick-and-hardwood floorplan compliments the rest of the workspace. Take a tour in the slideshow below!

Also, GasBuddy is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage for all the company's openings!