March 3, 2017
G2 Technology Group - Helping Companies Leverage the Cloud

Glenn Grant, G2 Technology Group’s (G2) CEO & Founder, has been in the technology industry for his entire career. It was his experience and passion for technology and helping businesses which led him to form his own company.

Located right in the Seaport District, G2 offers state-of-the-art solutions such as Amazon Web Services Solutions, Managed DevOps, and Managed Cloud Strategy & Solutions, for both startups and major companies.

The name "G2" comes from a joke one of Grant’s former co-workers made, pointing out the founder’s initials. “When I left my previous employer, they said ‘What are you going to start... G2,'” he remembers with a chuckle.

Founded in the fall of 2008, his company experienced one major obstacle at the start of its life: the economic meltdown. Around this time, several companies had to back out of utilizing G2’s services.

“I started in September of 2008, and then in October everything changed,” remembers Grant. “I kept telling myself, ‘If I can get through this, I can get through anything.'”

Grant describes the early days of G2 as being “100% bootstrapped,” and he used whatever resources he could to help the company grow. Today, G2 has an employee base of over 30, with everyone working together as a collective.

The company’s client list has grown over the past few years as well. “Our client base runs the gamut,” says Senior Account Executive Thomas Leatherman. “We work with healthcare companies like Exosome Diagnostics to mobile game developers like Subatomic Studios.”

The Boston Celtics have been a G2 client for a long time. Similar to many Bostonians, Grant has a history with the storied NBA team. Although, in a different sense.

“I’ve been working with the Celtics for almost 15 years, in one capacity or another,” says Grant. “I have a long-standing relationship with Jay Wessland, Vice President & CTO of the Celtics.”

​Any major sports organization is going to have to maintain their technology, and the Celtics are no different. G2 introduced the C’s to Amazon Web Services’ capabilities involving a variety of the NBA team’s applications and technical operations. G2 even helped created a platform to crunch and compute numbers for the Celtics’ basketball analytics team, who keep track of players' statistics and other number-related aspects to the sport.

G2 has also worked closely with Runkeeper in Boston. As the popularity for the company’s fitness tracking application continued to grow, G2 helped Runkeeper move to a public cloud platform. The shift provided increased scalability and improved performance for the app.

“Runkeeper reached out to Amazon Web Services and they turned to G2,” Grant remembers.  “It’s been a great partnership and I’ve even taken up to using the app myself.” ​

The company’s presence can be felt across many of the networking events in the Boston tech scene. They’ve hosted several Meetups for the Boston Amazon Web Services and Boston DevOps groups. G2 is also a sponsor of the DevOpsDays events occurring in the city.

G2 will help by bringing in prominent figures for presentations and will urge everyone to network with each other.  Even though the events typically have a deep technical subject matter, Grant assures anyone will find something to like.  

G2 is actively covering the bases for any companies worried about leveraging cloud computing. It is a rapidly changing world out there for technology companies, and sometimes having an expert or an extra hand does not hurt.

“We love working with tech startups and entrepreneurs,” says Grant with a smile.

Colin W. Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Masthead and other images courtesy of PrettyInstant. Thumbnail image courtesy of G2.