April 3, 2013
Four Competitors from the HBS New Venture Competition

Harvard Business School is producing a mini-documentary series profiling each of the companies that are competing as part of the HBS New Venture Competition (NVC).  Formerly known as the Business Plan Content, NVC supports students and alumni in creating and evaluating new business and social-impact ventures.  The competition offers more than $300K in cash prizes and in-kind support.  Winners will be announced at their April 30th awards ceremony.

Here are four of the teams that are competing:

Chillbaby is a Netflix-like subscription service for baby clothes.  The team includes Joe Blair, Drew Chandler, Bailey Hardin, & Teva Blair.


LearnX is a mobile marketplace for learning.  The team inclues Sergio Marrero, Yscaira Jimenez, Victor Popov, & Maria Anaya.


Reset is creating a new model of incarceration that shifts the goal from detainment and punishment to education and reentry.  The team includes Jen Porter, Jane Wilson, & Glen Santayana.


Booya Fitness is the Hulu for fitness.  They are an online distributor of fitness media content that connects users with boutique gyms so they can take classes anywhere, anytime.  The team includes Prita Kumar, Savannah Sachs, Khaled Jafar, & Lingbo Li.