January 27, 2013
Founder Dialogues IX featuring Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot [video]

Has there been any other company in the Boston area that has created more buzz than HubSpot over the past few years???

Dharmesh Shah was the latest guest for Eric Paley's Founder Dialogues event.  Dharmesh is definitely one of Boston's most visible entrepreneurs from a national level.  Not only has he founded and sold three companies, but he also has incredible street cred amongst the engineering community.

HubSpot has raised $100M in funding.  When this event was held in October, their latest round of funding was still under wraps.   

As always, Eric does a great job at discussing the background story of a great enterpreneur that we need to showcase and celebrate.

So, what can you expect from this fireside chat?  A LOT - for example:

  • Dharmesh's background
  • The background story of how his first company was formed and sold to Sungard
  • Dharmesh's biggest professional mistake
  • How did Dharmesh & Brian Halligan meet @ MIT Sloan...and how did the idea of HubSpot & Inbound Marketing come about?
    How large of a check did Dharmesh write to initially fund HubSpot?
  • What are the ambitions of HubSpot?  IPO?
  • His take on the Boston Tech Ecosystem

So, watch this video from start to finish... and please sharing this with your networks!  Enjoy!