October 16, 2017

Five Things We Saw at getgeeked Boston 2017

A national event series that aims to connect tech brands with influencers, getgeeked held its first Boston event on October 13, at the Royale nightclub in Downtown Boston. Compared to other tech events usually seen in the area, getgeeked stood out for its diversity of content. The free event offered booths from exhibitors across the board, from local startups to giants like Lenovo and iRobot. 

It was also different from a typical Boston tech event in that it didn’t have as much of a networking or trade focus; rather, it was focused on the consumers and influencers. Press, networking professionals, and consumers all came together to see what companies like Raizlabs and Woobo had to offer.

Here are five cool things I saw at the event.

1. Lenovo Shows off the New Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Experience
The Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR experience is a new AR package Lenovo is releasing on November 3. In the demo they were showing, I fought Darth Maul using a lightsaber peripheral and a mobile phone AR headset. 

Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Though the game was relatively simple, it was fun, had good lightsaber tracking, and offered a bit of a challenge (I was not able to defeat Darth Maul). The final $199 package comes with an AR headset, a tracking beacon, the lightsaber controller, and access to multiple games. 

2. The Nightingale “Smart Home Sleep System”
Cambridge Sound Management showcased both the Standard and Premium Editions of their Nightingale smart sleep system. Allegedly more advanced than white noise machines, the device plugs into a wall outlet and makes a soft sound similar to a quiet fan – while also doubling as a nightlight. The Nightingale team claims that it can help you fall asleep 38% faster, according to research found on their website.

The product retails for $149, with a two-pack for larger rooms being sold for $249.

3. AirFox Makes Mobile Data More Affordable for Millions
AirFox offers a free app on Android call the AirFox Browser, and in addition to being a web browser, it also enables users to earn their new cryptocurrency, AirTokens, by viewing ads or completing offers on their mobile devices. These tokens can then be redeemable for mobile data, and eventually goods and services. AirFox can also microloan AirTokens to qualifying customers.


All this is done to give mobile data to those in developing countries, where such data is less accessible and affordable. Liken it to a phone card, but for Internet access instead of long distance calls.

4. Woobo: The Smart Companion Robot
Woobo is a smart toy for kids ages 4-9, that utilizes an Alexa-style AI to answer questions and create personalized content. The product is currently on Kickstarter, and has earned over 300% of its $50,000 goal as of this writing. It looks part-teddie bear, part-Furby, and has a touchscreen acting as/in place of its eyes. 

It pulls its answers to questions from various Internet sources like Alexa does, and can also play games and educate whoever is playing with it. Parents can also use a parent app to send voice messages to their children or set daily reminders.

5. A Xylophone-Playing Robot
To entertain attendees, a DJ played throughout the night, but before he could go on stage he had an opening act that made everyone in the Royale go “...what?”

Two musicians played a keyboard and had a robot play with them. The music itself started off simplistic, but as it became more and more complex, the robot was able to keep up. If getgeeked was looking for a unique way to kick off the show, this was certainly a great way to do so.

Alexander Culafi is a Staff Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow him on Twitter @culafia.