January 11, 2018

FamilyID Ends the Issue of Filling Out Form After Form After Form

Whether it be a sport or taking art classes at a local rec center, any parent is excited to see their children take interest in an after-school activity. However, no parent is excited to fill out the same form over and over again. Although for many schools/rec centers, especially in small towns, parents and students need to fill out the same registration form over...and over...and over again.

FamilyID is a cloud-based SaaS platform for program providers such as schools, camps, clubs and recreational centers where collecting registration forms is a requirement. An organization using the FamilyID platform creates an e-form with fields for each required piece of information needed for the particular activity.

Participating families enter their information directly into the online registration form. The platform retains said information, such as student and parent names, contact information, existing medical information, etc. making it easy for parents to sign up for subsequent programs. All the registrations are saved in their FamilyID account, as opposed to the old file cabinet method.

FamilyID Templates
A wide variety of templates are available for organizations using FamilyID.

The company’s Founder and CEO Rochelle Nemrow, mother of two, says that the company was born “out of frustration with the inconvenient, repetitive process of registering my children for their activities.”  

“I am not patient when it comes to these things. I received forms by email, downloaded PDFs and opened piles of mail all to painstakingly fill out lengthy forms by and mail them back before deadlines passed and the programs were full,” Nemrow said. “I’d had enough!”

Rochelle Nemrow, FamilyID
Rochelle Nemrow, Founder and CEO at FamilyID

Nemrow thought there should be a type of software that would keep certain records in one place, so parents wouldn’t have to fill out the same forms with the same information. In addition to having children participating in various activities, Nemrow has seen the other side of this registration form problem, as she has also been responsible for collecting program registrations for her kid’s schools.

“It’s a time-consuming nightmare for program providers to collect all that information on participants,” said Nemrow.

The company was founded in 2010, and the first version of the product was released six months later. Initially, the first customers of the platform were museums and performing arts centers around Nemrow’s town of Weston. Local school districts soon began taking note of the platform and became customers not long after.

“Schools saw a huge need for something like this, and it quickly gained momentum,” said Nemrow. “We love being able to play a role in solving a real problem for both families and school districts.”

Over one million families across 38 states are now using FamilyID to search, sign-up and pay for programs and activities from Boy Scouts to surfing programs to school athletics. Nemrow describes much of the company’s growth as “organic.”

“Some schools started using FamilyID for things we never thought they would,” she said. “Uxbridge Public School District in Massachusetts began using FamilyID for athletics and quickly realized the platform was also perfect to manage their new transportation fee and bus pass initiative.”

Another unforeseen benefit to using FamilyID beyond convenience is that schools and program providers have seen increased participation. One example is a high school in New York state that started using FamilyID about a year ago.

“The school started using FamilyID, and it increased participation in athletics,” Nemrow said. “None of the student-athletes missed the registration deadline, and the communication surrounding the program increased through the use of the platform.”

FamilyID Screenshot
Users can fill out an abundance of information, including emergency contacts.

As someone who was very active with his high school’s after-school theater program and attended a high school in a small town, FamilyID would have been a perfect fit. FamilyID has scaled to the point where physically filling out form after form, year after year could end. After starting the company almost a decade ago, Nemrow still finds joy in running FamilyID.

“It’s great to come to work every day feeling excited,” she said. “Our team is full of such momentum that it truly makes the whole experience great. I'm incredibly proud of our progress, but this team is not done. In fact, nothing keeps me up at night more than thinking about how FamilyID can deliver more value to the communities we serve.”

Colin Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Images courtesy of FamilyID and Carlton PR.