August 7, 2017
Experfy - Supplying Knowledge and Training for the Data Science Field

Acting as a consulting platform for over 30,000 highly qualified scientists, Experfy is kind of like the Fiverr of data science – with a much more rigorous vetting process. It’s an ambitious startup with a clear vision, and it was incubated in the Harvard Innovation Launch Lab.

“The idea for Experfy came when I was in the consulting field, and I realized that there was a need for better vetting. So I wanted to create a platform for consulting where every expert was vetted,” Founder and Co-CEO Sarabjot Kaur told us.

Experfy acts as a response to the extreme scarcity of talent in the data science space.

“We settled on data and analytics because there’s a lot of demand with a big supply gap,” Kaur continued. “We’ve built a marketplace where companies come to us with a data problem, we post it on the website, and within hours they start receiving proposals.”

It’s not just a game of companies and consultants exchanging resumes, either. On Experfy, a consultant will come with detailed information on what methods he or she will use to find the solution to whatever problem a company is using Experfy to solve.

“We have developed a taxonomy,” Kaur said. “When someone applies to use our platform, there’s a rigorous screening process. We pull in data from the applicant’s LinkedIn profile and other accounts and use a scoring algorithm to rate the scientist.”

Founders Harpreet Singh (left) and Sarabjot Kaur (right).

The platform also facilitates video interviews with candidates as well as payment. Every person is different, so of course, every consultant comes with their own set of skills and their own payment rate for work.

“You won’t find a density in this caliber of talent on any other platform today. That’s our biggest differentiator.”

Though Experfy started working with a lot of small and midsize companies, they’re now making inroads with much larger companies like Keurig, Macy’s, and Burger King.

Companies like these are coming to Experfy in order to predict store traffic, create recommendation engines, and anything else data scientists would be helpful for. Some of the cool, newer stuff Experfy scientists are getting into include robotic process automation and facial recognition.

In addition to connecting consultants with projects, Experfy is also developing a series of training courses to nurture talent for specific use cases. All of Experfy’s courses are peer-reviewed and feature live instruction in addition to expert teachers.

“We noticed a lot of projects were being posted by companies and educational institutions looking to hire experts for curriculums and ways to train internal talent.” Kaur explained. “So, despite all of the educational platforms that already exist, there was still demand for this kind of training platform that focused on use cases.”  

“We signed our first pilot with Cigna, and we have multiple talks going with companies who want to build very specialized tracks.”

Experfy offers foundational courses and a data science track that ends with a certification, but that’s not all. The company is now working on launching a series of IoT certification programs in collaboration with major industry experts. Data courses are being ran at all levels of experience, so one doesn’t need to be a master to get involved – but they can be.