December 9, 2016
Eversound - Helping Assisted Living Communities Hear Again

Jake Reisch has always possessed the entrepreneurial spirit, even when he was an undergrad at Cornell University where he co-founded Party Headphones through the institution’s eLab Business Incubator.

Headphones were a key part in his next and current startup, Eversound, the first wireless headphone system for senior living.

“Eversound will be one of the first high-growth companies addressing a major quality of life issue for seniors by helping them stay connected and engaged with the world around them,” said Reisch. “And since 80 percent of older adults have hearing loss with only 15 percent using hearing aids, we are approaching this problem from a different angle and having major success.”

Reisch began constructing Eversound as a student, but gained additional knowledge of the hearing loss epidemic from time spent in numerous senior living communities during his final semester of college. It was those visits that helped him craft an idea, which would assist men and women suffering from hearing loss to remain engaged socially, especially through lectures and gatherings in assisted living facilities.  

“I wasn’t aware of the size of the problem until we started to develop Eversound,” said Reisch. “This idea was sparked by my experience, along with the experience of my co-founders, Matt Reiners and Devin Jameson. We all had loved ones being impacted by this problem and they were avoiding social events because they couldn’t hear well.”

Fortunately, Eversound came to the rescue, not just for the co-founders’ friends and family members, but for numerous men and women affected by hearing loss. And after two years of research and constructing the company, Eversound, an eight-person operation, officially launched in April.

Eversound, which is based in Woburn, Massachusetts, is announcing $3 million in funding from the Shelter Group, Red Bears Angels and 10X Ventures. Additionally, the company announced expansion to several of the largest senior living providers throughout the country.

“80% of us will have hearing loss by age 85 and less than 1 and 5 use a hearing aid who need one,” Reisch said in the company’s release. “It’s staggering, because hearing loss affects tens of millions of people and many of those people live in senior living communities. It leads to mental decline, social isolation and depression – so we’re building solutions people actually use.”  

Eversound product photo

Kendal at Ithaca is not the only assisted living facility utilizing Eversound’s headphones, according to Reisch the company has gained a lot of advocates over the past few months, including Sunrise, Atria, Brookdale, Brightview, Integral, LCS, LCB Senior Living and Benchmark Assisted Living.  

LCB Senior Living was one of the first communities to utilize the company’s headphones throughout their facilities, and according to Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Ted Doyle, the biggest goal is to make sure every resident at their facilities feel content and involved.

“A system like Eversound is critical because our job in the field at the level of our communities is to engage people and make sure that they’re happy and involved, and participating with their fellow residents,” Doyle said via an Eversound promotional video.

Added Reisch, “When we show Eversound to senior living providers, the response is overwhelmingly that of relief. It’s a solution that they aren’t always aware they need, until they see it. We have every indication that Eversound will become the standard in high-fidelity hearing solutions for seniors.”

With new support from numerous assisted living facilities and companies, along with the product’s additional growth since the launch, Reisch is excited for the future of Eversound and the potential his headphones will have with helping those suffering from hearing deficiencies.

“We are excited to continue expanding our growth nationally and to see more transformative experiences take place,” said Reisch. “Words can’t describe the feeling when we’re able to help an 85-year-old hear birds chirping and waves crashing for the first time in a decade.  We are just anxious to help as many people as possible.”

Matt Noonan is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @MattNoonan11.