January 21, 2014
Drupal Creator and Acquia Co-Founder Dries Buytaert Does a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" = Awesome!

At the end of last week, Drupal creator and Acquia co-founder/CTO Dries Buytaert went on reddit and spent some time doing an "Ask Me Anything" session with a whole slew of interested redditors. It was significant for Buytaert because the Q & A fell on the thirteenth anniversary of the founding of Drupal.

It's interesting for us because it gives some insight into the life and career of one of the local tech leaders who is generally quiet and pretty private. 

The session, "I'm Dries Buytaert, project lead of Drupal. Ask me anything", featured a ton of questions about Drupal, content management system, as well as Acquia. However, there were plenty of personal and pretty funny exchanges as well.

Here are some of the best--

- On starting Drupal:

- His advice for prospective entrepreneurs in the open source space is just awesome:


-Dries was asked the best way to break in with a Drupal-related startup, his answer is very insightful as to what the future holds for the Drupal community and entrepreneurs who want to leverage what is still a bit of a "Wild West" for innovation. Especially poignant is his exclamation that there is a lot more opportunity in e-commerce than people know. As he says, "e-commerce is where a lot of the money is.":

- Dries gave some insight into Acquia's startup culture when asked if the company was actually still a "startup":

- He explained the importance of diversity in the open culture of Drupal and, women's influence on the project specifically:

-Dries was asked how long Drupal will be viable. His answer gives one of the best explanations why so many people in the Boston tech community (and the national innovation ecosystem in general) are so bullish on Drupal/Acquia:

Some of the more personal (and sometimes absurd) questions revealed a lot about one of the most fascinating figures in Boston tech.

-Belgian Beer? Dries prefers Duvel:

What does Dries miss most about not being in Europe?:

-Speaking of his family, here is some interesting insight on his father's career:

- Travel Tips? Don't use airplane bathrooms without shoes!:

- An out-of-leftfield question makes us yearn for some duck fat Belgian fries, right now:

-And, this:



It's obvious that Dries is clever and humorous. It just happens that he is also quite the cult figure and one of the figureheads of what might be the most important technology company in all of Boston. 

Dennis Keohane is the Senior Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.