March 22, 2017
Drinks on Tap Recap – Five Companies, Five Unique Mobile Apps

limbing the stairs to get into Ned Divine’s, patrons could see a gathering was going on in the show room parallel to them. It’s a crowd of about 100 folks, all chatting and drinking with each other. Some of them are even representing companies. There are a few recognizable logos, including LL Bean and some fresh ones, such as Cinch Financial.

What is going on? It is Raizlabs hosting their first Drinks on Tap event for the year.

People are coming in

Organized and hosted by Raizlabs’ Richard Lucas, Drinks on Tap is both a networking and demonstration event. “How it works is that the companies presenting will each have 5 or so minutes to present and demo their app in a presentation and field question and answer,” says Raizlabs content specialist Allison Grinberg-Funes. She was also the one greeting guests as they walked into the restaurant. Members of the Boston tech scene attend, from longtime employees of other companies to entrepreneurs just getting their foot in the door.

On deck to present their smartphone apps were five unique companies; LL Bean, TymeWear, RateGravity, Evolve and event sponsor, Cinch Financial.

LL Bean

Peter Hult of LL Bean (left), Richard Lucas of Raizlabs (right)

“They don’t just make boots, they make apps,” Lucas said introducing their guest. He then added with a tongue-in-cheek tone, “An app that we [Raizlabs] helped make.” Joking aside, it is true, Razilabs helped the clothing giant develop their new Android app. LL Bean’s Peter Hult presented the app and its easy-to-use nature. This was also the first time LL Bean had experimented with the Android, as the iOS version became available last year.

Cinch Financial

Katie Creegan

The only company to include a video package was Cinch Financial. The company’s lead technical recruiter and community ambassador, Katie Creegan, took the reins with the presentation. “Cinch is made to help anyone with financial planning,” she said. Cinch also measures spending and can help a person organize debt payments. The app is set to makes its debut in July and Creegan urged the crowd to sign up to read updates about it.


Arnar Larusson

Clothing measuring heartrate and movements? It sounds like science fiction, but TymeWear has managed to accomplish this. The company’s founder, Arner Larusson, displayed the shirt a user would wear, but also how accurate the app itself is. “We found it most difficult to create the garment,” Larusson said. The app utilizes complex algorithms and connects to the shirt via Bluetooth. Larusson was able to measure his heartrate while doing some minor stretches and recommended it to any yoga practitioners.


Brent Shields (left), Parick Boyaggi (right)

RateGravity co-founder and CEO, Patrick Boyaggi started off with a dry joke. “Anyone who isn’t a home owner, I’ve got some good news,” he said. “Anyone who just bought a home, I’m about to tell you some bad news.” RateGravity is a company devoted to helping users find a low mortgage rate and financing homes. The app does not need a ton of personal financial information, similar to how apps like Credit Karma work.


Eric Boutin

Evolve is a truly one-of-a-kind app centered on giving feedback on dates, conversations, etc. “We don’t want another dating app,” Evolve founder and CEO Eric Boutin told the crowd while showing an overabundance of dating apps on the market. Among other features, the app allows users to rate how their dates went based on how conversations went or if the place they went to was good. The goal is to teach someone to learn from common dating mistakes.

Drinks on Tap is a fantastic way to not only meet new people, but to see what mobile developers are creating. There is always something interesting going on upstairs at Ned Devine’s. Drinks on Tap is no exception.

Colin Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Images provided by Colin Barry.