April 6, 2014
#ContinuedSuccess - Random Startup Thoughts of Late

Over my career, I’ve worked at a small sports marketing agency, co-founded BrandMatch Score and now wear lots of different hats here at VentureFizz.  I’ve always maintained a passion for startups. 

In my role at VentureFizz, I get to see a lot of what is going on across the whole Boston tech ecosystem.  And, like most entrepreneurs, my mind wanders… a lot.  For better or worse, our minds don’t shut off. We’re always thinking about what we could’ve done differently, what’s next, how we can improve and so on and so on…  

Through my travels and observations, the random thoughts emerge.  Thus, I felt compelled to share some of my recent startup thoughts of late.  Here’s to #ContinuedSuccess!


There are so many theories, opinions and different approaches on how to get your business to a successful state.  Talk to this person, they give you this advice. Talk with that person, they give you different advice.  The one constant approach though, is being open to and accepting advice - and seeking out as much of it as possible.  People in and around startups love lending a voice and collaborating. Take advantage of the opportunity and draw inspiration from those around you. Just remember to pay it forward, by returning the favor when someone comes seeking advice from you.


I always support and highly encourage people to take a risk with new ventures… Be it their own business or accepting a position with a startup.  One reason is because the return can be incredible. Certainly from a financial standpoint the Risk-Reward is high.

While the financial side of the equation may not be equal to what you might be able to earn at a larger company, startups obviously offer stock options as a way to offset the difference.  However, it’s more than just the financial equation.  What about the Return On Experience

I was just talking with a friend who left a good career to launch a startup and two days before he opened the doors I asked him how his nerves were: “They are fine. I’m ready to go. Worst thing that happens is I fail and get another job.”  I loved that response! I’m not particularly fond of the word “fail,” but I see what he means. It may not work out long-term, but that doesn’t make it a ‘failure.’  If you start/run a business on your own (or work in a true startup) the experience you’ll gain is far greater than your typical job. In my eyes, every year spent in this environment is the equivalent to four or five years of experience in a corporate role.   Knowing my friend as well as I do… it won’t be long before he’s experiencing his best-case scenario: “making a boatload of money and playing golf on Fridays…” Good luck & #ContinuedSuccess. 


We recently posted a piece from Izzy Azeri, cofounder of Stackdriver. In checking out their site, I came across something that makes these guys easy to root for. Like many companies, they offer a referral bonus to employees that refer new hires. On top of the $4,000 check though, Stackdriver writes a $1,000 donation to the employee’s charity of choice. It’s an awesome way to help your employees give back in a significant way!  I wonder if they’d offer that up to non-employees, because I know some talented people and I have a few amazing organizations that could do great things with a spontaneous $1,000 donation!

We’d love to hear your musings as well, so if you want to share your random startup thoughts tweet us @VentureFizz using #ContinuedSuccess and we’ll include some in future write-ups.

Josh Boyle is Co-founder, BrandMatch Score and Contributor, VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter:@jb_sid.

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