Working in Boston Tech: CloudHealth Technologies

May 24, 2017

Working in Boston Tech: CloudHealth Technologies

CloudHealth Technologies is one of Boston's fastest growing companies, having already hired 65 people this year alone and they have plans to hire 90 more. 

This venture-backed company helps their customers save time and money by providing a platform to manage the complexity that comes with cloud computing.Kristen Tronsky CloudHealth Technologies

We connected with Kristen Tronsky, CloudHealth Technologies' Director of Human Resources, to give you the inside look at their culture. 

Don't miss the fun fact below about Joe Kinsella, CloudHealth's CTO & Founder.

Also, don't forget to visit CloudHealth Technologies' BIZZpage for the company's latest job openings.

Quick Hit Company DetailsCloudHealth Technologies Logo

  1. Year Founded: 2012

  2. Number of employees: 175 and growing rapidly

  3. Industry: Cloud Management

  4. Stage & Total Funding to Date: $40M thru Series C

Can you share the details on what CloudHealth Technologies does?

Our CloudHealth platform lets enterprises and MSPs maximize their return on cloud and hybrid investments and more confidently manage cost, usage, performance and security across cloud and hybrid environments. CloudHealth is built to save serious time and money and is redefining cloud management with unparalleled visibility, intuitive optimization and rock-solid governance practices.

What is the background of your founding team and how did they come up with the idea?

Each member of our founding team comes from a strong entrepreneurial background and has extensive experience in cloud computing. This includes Joe Kinsella, our CTO and Founder; Dan Phillips, our CEO and Co-founder; Dave Eicher, Co-founder, VP of Customer Operations, as well as the rest of the Executive Team and founding engineers.

It’s awesome to hear Joe tell the story of how CloudHealth Technologies came to be. We’ll try to do it justice! While working in his job as VP of Engineering at a startup heavily leveraging the cloud, he realized there was a huge gap at the intersection of cloud computing and infrastructure management. He recognized this was an enormous business opportunity that would impact an entire market. So after leaving his current company and ideating on the initial concept, Joe secured a call with the CFO of a company that fit his target profile -- an interaction that he’s since called “the single worst sales call of my life.” Yet, he somehow managed to turn them into our first customer.

Ever since then, he’s been using customer feedback to continue innovating and ensuring we’re helping to solve their most pressing business challenges.

What is your target market in terms of customer base?  Can you share some customer names as examples?

There are two primary target markets. The first is enterprises that rely on a cloud or hybrid cloud model to support innovation, maintain competitive advantage, and drive business growth. These companies might be cloud native, cloud-first, or still in the process of migrating legacy systems -- regardless, they need to control “cloud chaos” and maximize return on cloud investments as they scale. We work with some of the biggest cloud customers in the world, companies like Pinterest, Dow Jones, Imgur, Acquia, and Sumo Logic.

We also work with service providers that offer managed services. CloudHealth helps MSPs differentiate themselves in a hyper-competitive market, improve margins, and simplify management through strategic services that add value. We have a great partner network that includes companies like SHI, Cloudreach, Bulletproof, and Avnet.

When we last spoke, around this time last year, CloudHealth Technologies had around 100 people in Boston. What are your plans for growth in terms of hiring in 2017 and for what positions?

SCALE is our theme for 2017 -- all of CloudHealth Technologies is hyper focused on supporting our continued growth and reaching the ambitious goals we’ve set for ourselves this year. So hiring is a key initiative and a main focus area for the team.CloudHealth Technologies team photo

We’ve already hired more than 65 people in 2017 and have plans to hire about 90 more across Engineering, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and Product. Currently we have 30 open positions, most of which are based in our Boston Headquarters, located in Fort Point. We’ve also opened spaces in Washington DC, London and Sydney, and recently added offices in Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of CHT!

Click here to check out the open positions on our BIZZpage.

What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture and working environment at CloudHealth Technologies?

There are six core values that define our culture. First and foremost, a focus on the customer. The other five are mentorship, ownership, participation, transparency and agility. Our CEO, Dan Phillips, recently wrote a blog explaining why each of these is significant, and how culture is important to our overall business success.   

Recently, CHT hosted a hackathon in which teams competed to win top honors for a project of their creation. The hackathon work exemplified all six core values at their finest: each individual brought their "A" game, and every idea centered on driving customer value. It wasn’t easy to pick a winner! You can read an overview of the top hackathon projects on our blog.

From a big picture point of view, what experience or traits do you typically look for when interviewing and hiring new employees into CloudHealth Technologies?

People on our team come from many different backgrounds and have varying degrees of work experience. The two things they have in common are 1) a passion for technology 2) enthusiasm for the next stage of our growth. As we like to say, “everyone is a product manager.” So you can expect to have to learn the product -- regardless of your department.

If you want a job at CloudHealth Technologies, come prove to us that you want to be involved in changing the future of cloud computing.

Can you talk about diversity across the company at CloudHealth Technologies?  

As CloudHealth Technologies has grown, we’ve organically developed into a group of employees that span many different backgrounds. It’s one of the things that fuels this company’s innovation. We also defy many common stereotypes. There’s no such thing as a “typical” engineer or salesperson. Bottom line: if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and willing to learn, we’d love to have you.

What’s the best way to get a job at CloudHealth Technologies?

Apply :-)

Jokes aside, if you know anyone who works here, don’t be shy -- reach out and ask what working at CHT is really like. Many of our new hires come from employee referrals (40% last quarter), so getting someone to recommend you is a great way to jumpstart the interview process.

Don’t have any common connections? No worries. If you think you’re a fit for a position at CloudHealth Technologies, apply or reach out to one of our recruiters and tell them exactly why you’re the person we’re looking for.

What can someone expect during the interview process?

One of our ace recruiting team members will take time to talk to you on the phone, get to know you and discuss the role and opportunity. Next, we’ll want you and the hiring manager to have some time together, often via the phone, to get a better feel for the position, organization and the broader team. After that, it’s up close and personal at the CloudHealth Tech offices for meetings with team members, collaborators and execs across the company.

What can people expect over the course of their career at CloudHealth Technologies?

Everyone here has a chance to learn and develop professionally as the company continues to grow. We pride ourselves in giving employees the opportunity to build their career -- the rest is up to them. For example, one of our early hires started here as an intern, and now he’s spearheading the expansion of our London sales team. It just goes to show how far commitment and dedication will take you!

What types of activities are employees involved in at or outside the office?

CloudHealth St. Paddy's Day Inside the office you’ll see ping pong and putt-putt golf tournaments, bake-a-thons, hackathons, team happy hours, and leadership dinners. We also do work with local volunteer organizations, like the DCF Kids Fund and robotics competitions organized by FIRST, a charity designed to get young people to participate in science and technology projects.

Outside the office, activities run the gamut. We have a few marathon runners in the mix, yoga enthusiasts, sports fans (any Boston teams is fair game, but the Red Sox hold a special place in our hearts)...even a group of caffeine addicts, who know all the good places to grab coffee nearby!

Share a random fun fact.

Our CTO and Founder, Joe Kinsella, practices an agile methodology that extends throughout the company. His agile roots go back pretty far -- he was a member of the original scrum team! It was his first job after school, and to his surprise it ended up being a predecessor that inspired the first scrum paper ever written.

Rapid Fire Questions

  1. What’s on tap? Cold brew coffee, and of course beer from our neighbor Trillium

  2. Star Wars or Star Trek? - Star Wars

  3. PAC-MAN or Galaga? - Pac-Man, but Joust would be better.

  4. iPhone or Android? -  iPhone

  5. Favorite employee perk? Monthly commuter and fitness reimbursement won in a recent office poll, with unlimited vacation time coming in second.

  6. Coffee - hot or iced?  -  Both! Why not have it all?!

  7. What super hero could you see working at CloudHealth Technologies? How could we pick anyone other than our own Cloudologist? He’s a superhero that shares industry wisdom, knowledge, and new insight...and has been known to “save a cloud environment” or two.

Sidenote: This question sparked such a lively discussion that we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some additional suggestions from the team: 

  • “Either Supergirl or Batman. Or we could mash them...SuperBatgirl?”

  • “Spiderman, because he’s a web expert. Plus, he is a certifiable geek.”

  • “The Human Torch. Because we’re on fire!” 

  1. What music is playing in your office?     Depending on the mood, anything from top 40 hits to 80s and 90s classics.

View from your office:

CloudHealth Technologies Office View

Employee Testimonials

“I’ve always wanted to work for a tech startup. And now I’m at one of the coolest, helping bring cloud transparency to cloud users and service providers! 

Shabrina Jauhal CloudHealth Technologies What’s my daily agenda? I help support our customers and partners, and get to work with true cloud innovators. I love being in such a hot market, getting exposure to customers and service providers alike. My advice: if anyone ever gets this opportunity, they should jump on it! 

What really makes my job special, however, is CloudHealth Tech’s company culture. I work with very talented and smart people. Here, everyone matters and everyone cares about each other.”

Shabrina Jauhal, Solutions Architect

Jeff Wharton CloudHealth“Over 12 years I’ve worked at several companies, from early-stage startups to enterprises, many of which have said culture is critical to them. CloudHealth Technologies, more than anywhere else, has made their talk of culture reality, and it’s a great culture: challenging and hardworking, yet fun and interesting. Add to that the fact that this is, hands down, the smartest, most motivated, and highly collaborative group of people I have ever had the chance to work with and I can honestly say that I’m more excited than I've ever been to come to work every day.” 

Jeff Wharton, Director Digital and Demand Gen

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