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The Year of the Dog - Boston Tech's Office Dogs (Slideshow)

Startup offices in the Boston tech scene often times have similar features; a wide-open, collaborative space, coffee and/or beer on tap, and/or a pool table. The idea is to create an environment that is not only great for work, but for R&R as well.

Another common feature is the growing presence of dogs in the office. Studies have shown having a canine around the workplace can improve employee morale, reduce stress, and not to mention, most people love having a furry companion around.

We asked several companies in the Boston tech scene to send us pictures of their own office dogs and we got a chance to see how they interact with the employees. Some serve as mascots, some serve as product models, and others are there to attend meetings around the office.

Canine enthusiasts will be happy to see several breeds represented and for those who are a little skeptical about adopting one for your own office, maybe this slideshow will help?

Without out further adieu, (and timing perfectly with the Chinese New Year's Zodiac sign) take a look at dogs in the slideshow below!