January 12, 2016
Blend Your Beats With Remixing Platform Pickasound

In the last several years, there has been a dramatic shift in the music industry. With streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, we can listen to our favorite songs virtually anywhere, from any device, for little to no cost. We share, like, and download songs with ease, allowing us to explore new artists and genres effortlessly.

Although it may seem that we have exhausted all the ways we can interact with music, Northeastern University student and Pickasound Founder Toju Ometoruwa believes there is another component missing in the musical realm: remixing. Ometoruwa has always been intrigued by the creative side of music and has been remixing his own tracks for over six years.

“I realized there was a lot more potential for music creation in the online space,” Ometoruwa says. “Especially connecting with others to collaborate and getting fans involved in creating music.”

To bring the ability to remix to the masses, Ometoruwa realized he would need to simplify the technical and complex processes used to remix songs, yet help music lovers produce a track using beats across genres. With this in mind, he launched Pickasound: an interactive social platform designed to allow music lovers to create, collaborate, and share remixes.

Launched in September, Pickasound fosters collaboration and lets music fans sample and remix music online. Users are able to contribute to other remixes, expanding the social aspect of enjoying music while bringing their unique style to other artists’ projects. The platform features beat matching technology, which enables songs with different speeds and pitches to match instantaneously.


Another perk of the site is that users don’t have to worry about licensing, which can sometime be a legal nightmare for musicians when using existing music.

“Everything on Pickasound has a creative, non-commercial license - meaning users can create something with these sounds, but not sell it,” Ometoruwa explains. “This allows people to really focus on the creative side of music, though in the future we plan to implement unique models to allow artists to monetize their original works through collaboration and remixing.”

Pickasound was launched through IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator, to create a business plan, design the site, connect with mentors, and secure funding. Although the company is currently a free, open-source platform, Ometoruwa plans to bring in revenue through advertising in the future, while making strides to enhance the remixing experience by providing more popular music content.

With the music industry continuing to see a decline in revenues, Ometoruwa believes that Pickasound can shift the way fans interact with their favorite artists music to drive significant revenue.

“I believe a combination of remixing and collaboration is the answer, not the enemy.” he says. “I’m very excited to reveal what we have in store in the next few months”.

To learn more about Pickasound and start remixing, visit

Sarah Urbonas is a student at Northeastern University and a Contributor for VentureFizz. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SUrbonas.

Cover photo and thumbnail image via Shutterstock.