July 20, 2016
Barkly Tackles Tough Security Struggles

Barkly systematically attacks aggressive security issues full force. Its service adds a new layer of protection that stops attacks that hide from antivirus. 

The team at Barkly embodies their core values and support one another. They encourage team work, help each other through tough decisions, listen to one another, and most of all, have fun together!

Employees are endearingly coined "Barkers." They come from all walks of life to create a dynamic team with a variety of interests. This week, I caught up with Emily Gransky, Head of People Ops at Barkly.

Barkly is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage

Jill Gregoriou: What sets working at Barkly apart from other security companies in the Boston area?

Emily Gransky: We’re developing a brand to solve the problems that other security companies tend to avoid: Protecting against unknown threats, elimination of false positives, and prioritizing ease of use so people do not need to be security experts to get expert level security. Working with those goals in mind is different and it feels that way each day.

JG: Can you tell me about your two co-founders, Mike Duffy and Jack Danahy? What are their backgrounds? What do they expect from the team?

EG: Mike and Jack both have impressive backgrounds building and exiting companies successfully.

Mike is an operational expert, always thinking through what risks might be around the corner and creating a pathway for us all to do our respective jobs. In addition to being a great leader himself, Jack is an expert in the security space. He’s also an incredible writer and speaker and a hell of a chef.

But above all of that, both Mike and Jack are the embodiment of our values, particularly “Care”. They care about each other and they care about the team. They live the values and that really sets the tone for our culture.  

JG: Company culture is a factor job seekers strongly consider in today’s market. As part of your careers page, it’s mentioned that “you don’t just talk about your values.” Can you expand on what that means for our readers?

EG: Sure. It’s what we use to make decisions on a day-to-day basis. Have a tough call? Well, is it a “Play to Win” call? Then you know what to do. Play to Win.  

Need to have a difficult conversation with someone or to clear the air? It’s who we are. “Be True”. Tell it like it is, with an emphasis on listening. Have the tough conversations. Be honest. Step up when there’s stuff that needs doing and you could help. Get the facts and make decisions using data and not just your gut. Care about your fellow Barkers. Have fun with them! Have fun building a great company, a game changing, and meaningful product and revel while you work. It’s just who we are.  

JG: What TV or movie best describes the working environment and employees at Barkly?

EG: The general consensus here is a mix between Ghostbusters and Kill Bill, Volume 2, because we’re giving malware the five point palm exploding heart technique, but in a hilarious Bill Murray style.

Also, it’s pretty cool to work in a place where everyone’s a genius (like in Ghostbusters), handling a real problem (also like in Ghostbusters) and they’re not going to stop till we’ve gotten the job done (like in Kill Bill, Volume 2). 

JG: What are some activities employees take part in outside the office?

EG: Our ages, locations, and life situations vary, so our outside interests do too.

Many of us have kids and families, so our free time involves going to hockey games and birthday parties. A lot of us live in the greater Boston/Camberville area, so we bike or run or go see music. Most people drink beer.  

We’re definitely an active group, and two-thirds of us ran the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge this year. We are artsy, culinary, multinational, curious, and - more than anything - diverse.

JG: Do you offer any unique benefits or perks? What’s on tap or in your fridge?

EG: We definitely have the basics of good beer, snacks (including organic fruit), fresh ground coffee, and an assortment of teas and bagels every Wednesday.

We’re not necessarily a “perky” company though. Since we’re still pre-revenue, we spend our money wisely, though we do plenty of fun stuff together. Once a month, we have a company-wide meeting followed by dinner and often a fun event. We make it a point to do things other than drink together.

We’ve taken cooking lessons in the North End and gone to Boda Borg. We’re planning a summer party and will be heading to see the Red Sox soon. We also have a 401(k), life and long term disability insurance, Delta Dental and Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO and PPO options (and we cover 90 percent of the premiums for PPO).

JG: Finish this sentence: I love working at Barkly because…

  • "It is a unique company that really is doing things differently than most startups yet using pieces of many successful startups to build a company that can stand the test of time."
  • "Our goals are clear, the people are great and we have a lot of potential to be successful." 
  • "The team, leadership, and market opportunity are all top notch. What we do here matters."
  • "The kind of problem the company is trying to solve is amazing. We are trying to build a security solution which is light weight, robust, secure and affordable to our customers. The people here are highly motivated and dedicated to the success of the company."
  • "I've never seen a group so able to get goals achieved with a sense of urgency, yet still have families and lives outside the office."
  • "The company has ambitious goals but they are clearly defined, we are provided with resources to achieve them, and plans/changes are made and communicated thoughtfully and intelligently."
  • "Not only is everyone I work with nice, but they are supportive, respectful, while also having a great sense of humor. We celebrate each month as a team with a dinner. Everyone is kept in the loop about changes, whether they be good or bad, which I love. Having aa level of transparency at the company is important and I am so glad that it is encouraged here. Everyone's opinion counts, no matter if you are a senior level employee or a part-time intern."
  • "This company is run by two amazing cofounders who care both about the product and their employees. Their leadership and decisions are what help drive everything else. With their leadership we function as an established company that has been around for years, even though we're a startup."

Jill Gregoriou is the Customer Success Specialist at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @JillGregoriou