July 31, 2017
Are You Ready for HYPERGROWTH - Boston's Next Flagship Annual Conference

I'm an avid listener of Drift's Seeking Wisdom podcast which is hosted by David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt.  If you don't already listen, I highly recommend subscribing (Soundcloud & iTunes). Each episode has lots of great advice and lessons learned from David Cancel, who has founded five companies... all of which have led to a successful acquisition.

When I received an email notification back in April announcing Drift's first annual conference called HYPERGROWTH, I was immediately fired up. Boston needs more of these conferences where we not only leverage our own brain trust but it's an opportunity to learn from experts across the country.

Sure, there will be lots of knowledge shared by some of the top marketers and growth experts in the tech industry, but what also makes HYPERGROWTH interesting is the speakers who are outside of our industry like Nastia Liukin (Olympic medalist & entrepreneur) and Brogan Graham (November Project Founder).

I caught up with Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing at Drift, to learn more about this conference which will be on September 25th at 60 State Street in Boston.

If you are interested in joining 1,000 other attendees (talk about an amazing networking opportunity), we have an amazing deal for you!  Tickets will be bumping up to $699 after August 1st. However, as a VentureFizz reader, you can purchase tickets for only $99 by using our code FIZZ!!!

Keith Cline:  Why is Drift hosting an annual conference?

Dave Gerhardt:  Relationships. A face-to-face meeting is 10x more powerful than a chat with Drift, a phone call, or any other conversation we could have.

HYPERGROWTH really started because of Seeking Wisdom -- the podcast that we do here at Drift. When the podcast came out, it was not Drift-specific, and not company-specific. It was just a podcast about the things that we were learning. Hence the name, Seeking Wisdom. But then the community around the podcast just started to blow all of us away, just in terms of how into the podcast people were --- people from totally different worlds. Every candidate who comes into the Drift office, prospective customers, people on Twitter, people writing into us at Drift -- they’ve all heard of it and listened to it. The podcast turned into this bigger thing, bigger than Drift as a company, bigger than the podcast itself, and that kind of sparked the idea:

Let’s bring the community together. With no other agenda than that we have something here, and we want to make it into something bigger.

KC:  Is there a meaning behind the name other than the obvious?

DG:  It’s all about people who have built brands, sparked movements, and found a way to unlock unprecedented growth -- whether that’s as part of business (in marketing and sales) or in their personal life or sports.

KC:  What can we expect to learn by attending?

DG:  Overall we’re going to go behind the scenes across art, marketing, sales, health, and fitness to reveal how you can transform your life and create your breakthrough this year. But more specifically that means you’ll about things like how to tell a story that can build your brand, how to hire the best talent in the world, and the routines and habits of world-class athletes (and that’s not even mentioning the marketing and sales advice that will be floating around all day).

KC:  Can you highlight some of the speakers?

DG:  Man this is a tough one and I am biased to the agenda, but personally I am really looking forward to the panel with Box’s VP of Marketing, WeWork’s VP of Brand, and the CMO at ClassPass -- those are three brands that have just absolutely exploded in the last few years.

KC:  Why did you decide to enlist some speakers outside of the tech industry?

DG:  Because building a business is about more than just the tech. It’s about people -- and we care so much here at Drift about learning from others (their habits, routines, stories, etc.) so we wanted to make it bigger than tech.

KC:  It’s going to be an action packed day.  What excites you the most?

DG:  I already gave away my favorite session, so I can’t plug that again -- but I’ll tell you that I’m excited because I know that David Cancel has some magic up his sleeve at the end of the day with a product announcement we’re making at Drift. And if you know him, you know there’s going to be some big stuff happening.

KC:  Ok - let’s get the details - when, where, and how do we get tickets???

DG:  You can grab your tickets to HYPERGROWTH right here. And we have a special offer for the VentureFizz community -- just use the code FIZZ when you check out, and you’ll be able to unlock tickets for just $99 (that’s a $600 discount).

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.​​