July 30, 2014
Advice: For the Entrepreneur by the Entrepreneur

VentureFizz is all about Entrepreneurship.  It’s where anyone interested in entrepreneurship can go to explore the hottest tech companies in Boston, gain insight into latest trends, find rewarding new careers and perhaps, most importantly, pick up some much needed knowledge from like-minded people within our ecosystem. 

Wanting to provide advice for budding entrepreneurs, we reached out to a few successful entrepreneurs and asked them: 

            “What advice would you give to an up & coming entrepreneur?” 

Entrepreneurship, by nature, can be a lonely place. Always battling the odds, facing criticism and doubt, struggling with financial constraints – the list goes on. But it can also be the most rewarding journey one will ever take. And along the way, entrepreneurs seek out advice from those who have taken the journey before them. 

One piece of advice I’ve received and continue to pass on is to simply be open to advice and, even more so, seek it out. 

A couple weeks ago we heard from Paul English, Leo Koenig and Bryant McBride. Today, we hear from a few more who have experienced the journey of entrepreneurship.

Dennis Clark - Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Luminoso:

“You can see relative sizes for most of the challenges you confront in life -- write the paper, plan the wedding, eat the 64 ounce cheeseburger, whatever. Importantly, this means you can compare the difficulty of the task against your ability and know whether it's trivial or impossible and thus how you should feel if you find you can or can't do it: I'm pretty dumb if I can't add two and two, but I could be really smart and still not learn quantum mechanics on my first try. Challenges in entrepreneurship often lack this property, meaning you can find yourself attempting the management equivalent of bench pressing a car without knowing it, trying to achieve things that would be impossible for the best in the world. When you feel yourself failing, it's worth thinking for a moment about the size of the task and figuring out whether the thing you were trying to do was achievable with your resources (or any resources) in the first place..”

(Learn more about Luminoso on their BIZZpage)

Nick Zeckets - CEO & Co-Founder of QuadWrangle:

“At the beginning of LearnLaunchX, a mentor posed a phenomenal question: "Nick, what do YOU want to get out of QuadWrangle." I started talking about how we'd change the world - that we'd expand the universe of philanthropy. While that's true, it wasn't about ME. I have my own very personal answer to that question now and it helps me stay focused, be more productive during the work day and, most importantly, be a better human. This startup thing is hard. If your soul doesn't know its connection to the business, your inevitably dark times could prove impossibly dark. Find YOUR center and let that drive you - the numbers will all follow.”

Doug Hurd - Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development, clypd: 

“As an entrepreneur, you will experience incredible highs along with inevitable lows. You'll need a partner to lean on every step of the way. It's way more fun to celebrate the victories with someone that has been with you from the start. And if you have someone to share the lows, it sure makes things easier. 

Don’t go at it alone - find a co-founder and enjoy the adventure together.”

(Learn more about clypd on their BIZZpage)

Donna Levin – Co-Founder,

"1. Things rarely go as planned. Have a plan A, B, C and D
  2. Everyone has a great idea. It’s all about the team’s ability to execute. Take your time and build your team thoughtfully.
  3. Never give up. Everything feels like failure until it’s a success."

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Leave a comment below or tweet it to us @VentureFizz! The more advice we can spread around the better off all entrepreneurs will be!

Josh Boyle is Director of Community & Marketing, VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter: @jb_sid