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Blissfully is humanizing, simplifying and automating IT management for our customers.

Our beach-head product automatically identifies all SaaS products an organization uses and pays for, delivering deeper insights automatically, helping save money, reduce security risks, and improve productivity.

Blissfully is founded by repeat technology entrepreneurs, experienced in building great teams, and engineering great products, financings, and outcomes.

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New York
Blissfully is VC backed startup simplifying the way businesses manage their internal applications. We are led my serial entrepreneurs, have over 700 customers and are growing quick. We are looking for PM + UX Designer to help accelerate our product development and improve our (already solid) user experience. For this role we want someone who is customer-driven, intellectually curious, hard-working, organized, and well-written. The right candidate will uncover, document, and champion customer needs (including front-line discovery & support), work with leadership to define the...
Product Management
New York
We're looking for a talented Marketing Manager to join our team and take the lead on paid acquisition and marketing operations. Blissfully gives companies the visibility and tools needed to manage SaaS across their organization. We have a fast growing customer base and are backed by leading VCs. This a great opportunity to take ownership of our paid acquisition and marketing analytics functions. Key responsibilities: - Be the point person for marketing operations in HubSpot  - Track lead generation, customer acquisition sources and campaign effectiveness  - Manage and optimize...
New York
Blissfully is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and backed by leading VCs. We are at the center of redefining modern IT and our product is already in use by leading companies. Now we're ready to grow the sales team to bring this vision to every company. We are looking for a hungry and ambitious experienced Sales Rep to lead and manage our Outbound Sales activities. Specifically, you'll be tasked with growing our qualified opportunities that come from our outbound prospecting. This will include the complete outbound experience, including managing the team of SDRs, hiring and...
Sales & Business Development
New York
We believe in a cloud-first IT world, where companies can deploy and use powerful software without having to worry about a ton of IT configuration. We have built amazing software to help companies manage all their SaaS products. In addition to that, we're are building out complementary services for companies that need more hands on help to manage their IT, especially the parts that can't be moved to the cloud, like office networks and workstation management. Responsibilities and Ideal background  - We're looking for someone who is excited about the SaaS / cloud IT transformation that we...
New York
Blissfully is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and backed by leading VCs. We are at the center of redefining modern IT and our product is already in use by leading companies. Now we're ready to grow the sales team to bring this vision to every company. We need Account Executives that want to help companies succeed, and accomplish personal goals (like hitting your numbers) along the way. To win, we need people who are possess the following:  - Self-motivated. No one at Blissfully needs to be pushed.  - You like engaging people and helping them solve problems.  - Genuine...
Sales & Business Development
35 E 19th St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

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November 11, 2019
How Finance can Carry Out Stress-Free SaaS Spend Optimization For medium and large scale businesses, tracking SaaS spend and building an agile framework for SaaS spend optimization is a task that might keep the finance team up at night. But if SaaS management and spending optimization are not done properly, your organization is going to […] The post SaaS Spend Optimization for Finance Departments appeared first on Blissfully. ...
October 23, 2019
Blissfully was born out of real-life frustration. When building their last startup, our founders experienced the pain points of SaaS management first-hand. They were frustrated by the lack of tools to track SaaS spending, security, and business operations workflows. Spreadsheets and ad-hoc processes weren’t cutting it. We developed a vision of the future of IT: […] The post Announcing Blissfully 2.0! appeared first on Blissfully. ...
October 22, 2019
Today we’re announcing the launch of our License Management System, as well as releasing “The Blissfully Guide to License Management,” a guidebook to the license management process. Blissfully’s new solution includes tools to discover unused licenses and subscriptions within an organization, identify redundant apps to optimize spending, connect data from IT, Business Operations, Finance, and […] The post New Guide: The Blissfully Guide to License Management appeared...
August 2, 2019
An effective employee onboarding process is key to success for your organization’s new hires. But it’s often a messy process for those involved. Having a system in place ensures that you won’t have employees locked out of key tools, and that your new hires will be contributing to your teams as quickly as possible. Today, […] The post Checklist: Provisioning SaaS Apps for New Hires appeared first on Blissfully. ...
July 31, 2019
The number of SaaS apps within organizations has been growing for years, rising from just a handful at the start of the decade to today, when the average 250+ employee organization uses over 120 apps. Tracking when subscriptions renew is difficult and dispersed. Some companies are great at notifying you, some aren’t, and you may […] The post SaaS Vendor Renewal Process: A Checklist for IT appeared first on Blissfully. ...