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BCG Omnia Company Overview

BCG Omnia is at the heart of a consulting evolution as advances in technology is reshaping how we work. We transform the firm’s consulting expertise and insights into high-impact, scalable products that maximizes the client experience. Our team consists of experts in product design and development, visualization, benchmarking, and analytics leveraging leading edge technologies to provide world class data and software solutions.

BCG Omnia consists of:

  • Product Managers
  • Designers
  • Engineers & Technologists
  • Industry & Data Experts
  • Client Support
  • Business Leads
  • Analysts (Data, Solution, Topic)
  • Program Managers

Jobs at BCG Omnia

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WHAT YOU'LL DO BCG Omnia is a new and exciting venture into software and the next generation of consulting.  As we undergo this transformational effort, there is a need to expand our services and offerings to drive and deliver impact with our clients.  BCG Omnia will be undertaking a variety of projects, initiatives, and working teams in order to effectively roll out new business models and create new advanced analytics offerings, while maintaining baseline service levels for existing offerings.   A BCG Product Manager is someone who will work with senior...
Product Management
WHAT YOU'LL DO The Security Risk & Compliance Analyst is responsible for leading compliance-related activities for BCG Omnia’s software and data products and cloud infrastructure environment in alignment with BCG Information Security & Risk Management standards and best practices. YOU'RE GOOD AT Working with a myriad of product, engineering, and infrastructure management teams to implement security controls and monitor compliance. The Security Risk & Compliance Analyst will work with BCG Omnia’s Security & Risk Compliance...
Software Engineering/QA

There are BCG Omnia roles within the following specialties at BCG:

BCG Technology & Engineering









Technology & Engineering

Our technology consultants and specialists partner with our clients and colleagues to build and implement digital solutions through a broad spectrum of activities. Technology jobs and engineering jobs include design of IT architectures, large-scale transformation, agile development, software engineering, cybersecurity consulting, and risk management.

BCG Product Management & Business Building









Product Management & Business Building

Our product managers and business builders work with our clients and colleagues in developing new digital ventures and products from planning to launch. We are a mix of business leaders, corporate strategists, and product specialists.

BCG Analytics & AI









Analytics & AI

Our data analytics and artificial intelligence professionals mix deep domain expertise with advanced analytical methods and techniques to develop innovative solutions that help our clients tackle their most pressing issues. We design algorithms and build complex models out of large amounts of data.

BCG Design










A career in design at BCG involves bringing deep strategic, user experience and visual expertise into product development, helping to deliver breakthrough products that engage and inspire. We have extensive knowledge of design thinking and human-centered design, and are fluent in the latest technological innovation.

Kaveh Noorbakhsh BCG
Kaveh Noorbakhsh
Product Business – Senior Technical Program Manager

“I get to work with some of the brightest and best people in several industries, and I get to collaborate with them to build world-class solutions that help our customers”

Satish Vemula BCG
Satish Vemula
Product Business – Technical Program Lead

“BCG's Product Business Unit has a rich set of expertise from various areas of specialization and the global diversity brings in fresh insight and thought process.”

Dev Mukherji BCG
Dev Mukherji
Product Business – Senior Delivery Analyst

"If Thor was a management consultant, we'd be the ones who made his hammer. My favorite thing at BCG's Product Business Unit are the one-of-a-kind products we make!"

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