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Basis Technology Company Overview

We engineer a safer & more productive world by building proven AI solutions for analyzing text, connecting data silos, & discovering digital evidence.

Verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, uncovering crime. For over twenty years, Basis Technology has provided analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems.

Rosette text analytics employs a hybrid of classical machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data.

Autopsy, our digital forensics platform, and Cyber Triage, our tool for first responders, serve the needs of law enforcement, national security, and legal technologists with over 5,000 downloads every week.

KonaSearch enables natural language queries of every field, object, and file in Salesforce and external sources from a single index.

Jobs at Basis Technology

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Basis Technology is a world-class text analytics company looking for a Principal Software Engineer to join our expanding Engineering team. Help us build software for analyzing text and do this across 55 different human languages! Work with REST APIs, Docker containers, Core Java and Spring. As a Principal Software Engineer, you will improve and implement the design of Basiss Rosette platform, help to drive technology strategy and identify future technology directions. Join us and help us create the next wave of software for Natural Language Processing and text analytics. Responsibilities...
Software Engineering/QA
One Alewife Center
Cambridge, MA 02140
101 Main Street, Suite 1400
Cambridge, MA 02142
1593 Spring Hill Road, Suite 510
Vienna, VA 22182

Basis Technology is the leading provider of software solutions for multilingual text analytics, identity resolution, and digital forensics. Our solutions are used by leading technology companies and government organizations to improve the accuracy of information retrieval, text mining and other applications through advanced linguistics and digital forensics.

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, we also have satellite offices in the DC Metropolitan area, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and London. We’re always looking for new talent to join our teams. We have opportunities available to work on text analytics developmentfederal solutions, as well as cyber forensics. Basis Technology is an equal opportunity employer.

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