51 - 100 employees
Series D+
Big Data & Analytics
Enterprise Software / SaaS

Attivio Company Overview

The choice of mid-and large-sized organizations for over a decade, Attivio delivers AI-powered answers and insights that enable companies to answer the most complex questions asked by their employees, customers, and support teams. Using AI technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Text Analytics, Attivio helps companies increase call deflection, improve self-service success, and decrease mean time to resolution. To learn more about Attivio, visit www.attivio.com.

On Oct 24, 2019, ServiceNow announced it would acquire Attivio’s IP, core technology, and select R&D talent.  <Read the blog.>  We have suspended hiring during the transition.  Please check back later!

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Company Values

Our values are our guideposts. They’re how we hire the right people. How we frame feedback to employees. How we make decisions. How we hold ourselves accountable. 

Because we are committed to their authenticity, these values may not appeal to everyone.  And that’s ok. But if they resonate with you, you’d be a good fit for our team. 

Embrace Challenges with Confidence. The problems we solve, the markets we address, the opportunities we chase – they are not without complexity and their own fair share of roadblocks. But Attivians don’t back down from a challenge; we face it head on. With that, we achieve the impossible.

Execute Responsibly. We have commitments – to our customers, our investors, our partners, and each other. When Attivians sign up for goals, we achieve them, and are responsible about how we apply our resources to get there.

Simplify Customer Success. Even though the problems we address can be complex, the solution and the experience for the customer shouldn’t be. By looking at the world through our customers’ eyes, Attivians strive to make it simple for them to learn about us, engage with us, and succeed with us.

Win as a Team. No one person alone can make us achieve our goals, so we take teamwork seriously. Attivians pride ourselves on being communicative, respectful, and empathetic with our colleagues, and celebrate our collective wins. 

Take Ownership. Every individual is critical to our success, and each Attivian commits to doing what they say they’re going to do. And when we see something that needs fixed, we fix it. 

Adapt to Change. Change is expected and healthy, and Attivians are creative and courageous in the face of change. We never stop improving and know that it’s as much about the journey as the destination.

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October 21, 2019
Increasingly new prospects and customers alike are asking if Attivio is able to improve the performance of their chatbots – similar to the manner in which Attivio helps their live agents and self-support portals – by empowering them with better answers and insights to questions....
September 19, 2019
We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Alcor Solutions, a leading ServiceNow Implementation partner....