By: Keith Cline | May 23, 2019
Daniel Theobald, Vecna’s Founder and CIO, connected with us to share the history behind the company, including his lifelong fascination with robotics, and how their robots operate. Theobald also talked about what technologies the company works on and what’s next on the horizon for him and his team.
By: Colin W. Barry | May 23, 2019
ThreeMain’s Co-Founders Joe Budzienski and Lauren Simonelli have been working together in some capacity throughout their careers. They connected with us to talk about the founding of the eCommerce startup, their respective backgrounds, and tips for funding for early-stage companies.
By: Keith Cline | May 23, 2019
On this episode of The VentureFizz Podcast, Keith Cline interviews Alex Iskold, Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures.

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