By: Keith Cline | September 20, 2018
MobileMonkey is a chatbot-based marketing platform exclusively for Facebook founded by WordStream Co-Founder Larry Kim. We spoke with Kim to learn a little bit more about the company and how the social media platform’s Messenger feature is great for marketing teams. Kim also shared some advice with our readers regarding how to raise funding and how to build their personal brand.
By: Colin W. Barry | September 20, 2018
Proximate is a recently-formed startup that is looking to not only give a closer insight to how the sales are going, but also analyze sales leads. Founder and CEO Ross Andrews sat down to speak with us about his own experiences helped give him an “a-ha!” moment to start a sales-oriented startup. Andrews also went into detail about a Meetup group he has formed with other startups called Boston...
By: Samantha Costanzo Carleton | September 20, 2018
Before Shivani York became the COO of InRhythm, she was working at The New York Times and at TIME Magazine. York spoke with Samantha Costanzo Carleton to talk about her career. She also offers five pieces of advice for any and all recent college graduates.

BizzPage Spotlight

Continuous security monitoring for public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures protecting servers, and the data they access, from intrusion and data loss.

By: Christina Luconi | September 20, 2018
Regardless of whatever progress is made, we cannot lose our humanity and connection to one another. Christina Luconi found four ways to stay truly connected when you put down your device. 
By: Samantha Costanzo Carleton | September 19, 2018
Wayfair Director of Engineering Lindsey Bleimes is responsible for everything related to Wayfair’s extensive catalog of products, from pricing and search functions to 3D modeling and development. She shares her career path and what led her to Wayfair.
By: Keith Cline | September 19, 2018
We connected with 6 River Systems' Co-Founder and CTO Christopher Cacioppo to learn more about Chuck and how he works, but also to gain a little more insight to how the engineering team operates on a day-to-day basis.

BizzPage Spotlight

Helping retailers optimize inventories through predictive analytics and machine learning. Bringing science to the art of retail!

By: Alexander Culafi | September 19, 2018
Queen of Raw is an online marketplace that sells sustainable fabrics and other raw materials to independent designers. We had the chance to speak with Founder and CEO Stephanie Benedetto to learn more about the company's past, present, and future.    
By: Alexander Culafi | September 19, 2018
OM1 is a Boston-based healthcare company whose data-driven cloud platform helps healthcare providers and stakeholders compare, measure, and predict treatment outcomes either by individual or population. We had the chance to speak with Founder and CEO Rich Gliklich about the company’s past and present.  
By: Keith Cline | September 18, 2018
mabl has raised $20M in Series B funding led by GV. We caught up with mabl Co-Founder, Izzy Azeri, to get the latest details on the company.