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Aila Technologies Company Overview

Aila Technologies delivers seamless experiences for enterprises, uniting real-world and online operations to empower employees, streamline workflows and delight customers at every touchpoint.

Aila's core products—a suite of Interactive Kiosks, Mobile Imagers, and TrueScan scanning technology—enable powerful interactions for enterprise:

  • product discovery 
  • payments
  • mPOS
  • check-in
  • ID verification
  • smart fitting rooms and more 

Through its versatile and innovative products and a comprehensive network of world-class partners, Aila offers easy-to-deploy solutions across:

  • retail
  • grocery
  • healthcare
  • logistics and beyond

Jobs at Aila Technologies

11 Huron Drive
Natick, MA 01760

Transforming enterprise technology takes an A-team.

Aila is at the forefront of helping global enterprises use technology to work smarter, innovate faster, and elevate end-user experiences.

A small team with big plans

Here, your work matters. We support one another to meet our collective aim of creating more meaningful interactions. Whether you're a long-time innovator or a newcomer eager to make an impact, the Aila team can help you meet your goals.

On Wednesdays, we wear whatever we want

We want our team members to succeed at work, but more importantly, in life. That means leaving out unnecessary obstacles to making great things. 

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