AI Lean is a tech enabled and artificial intelligence driven business in the space of real estate focused on automating the lien to auction process for self-storage owners.  Our software catalyses our clients to a high level of productibity, profitability and perserverence through optimizing operational efficiencies in their company culture.

In leveraging our software, our clients gain a competitive advantage as they nimbly automate redundant and time consuming processes, streamline tedious painstaking tasks, reduce costs along with human error, safe guard against liability, and facilitates scaling operations. 

Our team is passionate about what we do. We are fascinated by the world we live in, and the possibilities we are facing empowered by tech. We work hard, smart, cohesively and believe that it is the teamwork that makes the dreamwork. Join a customer focused innovative company disrupting a ever-growing industry. 


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Our open work space, free food around every corner, and a serious group of technology and real estate experts is what facilitates collegial synergy. Our team is able to thrive in our fast pace environment through on-going collaboration and sharing ideas, whether in a cross-functional meeting or at one of our impromptu parties. While we're diverse in our backgrounds and skills, we have a lot in common. We're passionate about our mission to disrupt  the self storage industry by enabling providers to automate, strealine, reduce risks & liability and scale their business more securely, efficiently and effectively. We have a strong sense of integrity, work ethic and urgency to fulfill a serious. We're dedicated to making a positive impact and we're committed to having fun in the process. 

Let's work with passion!