By: Christina Luconi | October 19, 2017
Fear can affect anyone especially during around Halloween season, and sometimes it creeps up on us at the workplace. However, sometimes its best to look inside and try and rationalize them. Christina Luconi writes about how one can overcome these workplace fears and use it to your advantage.
By: Brianne Shelley | October 18, 2017
Carbonite’s Vice President and General Counsel, Danielle Sheer has always had a career in law and became introduced to the Boston tech scene through her network. Brianne Shelley interviewed Sheer about her time as being Carbonite's first in-house lawyer, as well as other parts of her career.

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Leading-edge, solution-focused firm with creative and technical teams helping clients & partners live @ the intersection of business & innovation

By: Rasika Rajagopalan | October 18, 2017
The field of HR has evolved tremendously and caters to all the aspects of tech culture that startups are so protective of and more. Rasika Rajagopalan writes about how having an HR team for an early-stage company can be more beneficial than one would think.
By: Alexander Culafi | October 17, 2017
Sqrrl is a company that equips enterprise-level security analysts with the power to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats before they become far more severe. Co-Founder Ely Kahn sits down with Alex Culafi to explain how the threat hunting platform works, as well as how it got its start from an NSA database.
By: Colin W. Barry | October 17, 2017
CliQ is a spin-off of BioSensics utilizing IoT and creating sensors designed for solutions in someone's life. We connected with the two creators, Jackson Maier and Gregory Barchard, on how someone can use their sensors for a variety of reasons, including security monitoring or trying to kick a habit.

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Anaqua is a leading provider of Intellectual Asset Management software and related services.

By: Alexander Culafi | October 16, 2017
Everbridge is a company that keeps people safe and businesses running during critical events through their emergency notification system (ENS). Everbridge VP of Corporate Strategy and Operations Jeff Lortz tells us all about how the platform came to be, as well as how it handled the might of Hurricane Irma.
By: Colin W. Barry | October 16, 2017
City Hall Plaza was home to HUB Week Demo Day, where over 100 startups and tech-related organizations across various industries showcased their products/services/etc. Here are 10 startups that stood out to us and we briefly profile the six finalists for the day's pitch competition.
By: Alexander Culafi | October 16, 2017
VentureFizz had the opportunity to attend getgeeked, a national event series that connects tech brands with influencers. Here's what we saw.