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Company Overview

Founded in 1995 and having launched our first commercial website in 2000, Vistaprint is an e-commerce pioneer and the world’s leading online design and print solution for small businesses worldwide. Through a revolutionary business model, patented technologies and direct marketing expertise, we have developed algorithmically driven software to deliver the best cost, quality, and convenience of graphic design and printing. And that’s just the beginning.

Vistaprint embraces ingenuity and originality and is a highly transparent, high-energy place to work. Here, you won’t be confined by a job description or four department walls. You’ll work cross-functionally with people from all aspects of our business and you’ll understand how every facet ultimately affects our bottom line.

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What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

There is a great energy here at Vistaprint. Things are fast-paced, people are passionate, and the work we do is both challenging and meaningful. Our technology, products, and services empower more than 16 million micro businesses and consumers annually to make a professional, affordable impression. That energy translates to our work culture: we work hard, collaborate frequently, and are driven by an internal passion and the knowledge that the work we do makes a real difference to others. Our commitment to the small business community is strong and we value working for a purpose-driven company. 

It’s not unusual to see everything from high heels to Converse to Italian leather shoes standing in the food truck line. Our offices are filled with windows and light, open and transparent just like our CEO and company. Frequently you’ll find free food and freestanding meetings taking place.  White board brainstorms and rooms where Lexington talking to Barcelona talking to Sydney talking to Switzerland via video are the norm. Sometimes the building has the hum of concentration and focus, and other times it feels like you’ve just stepped into an afternoon happy hour event. 

Vistaprint is very much a company that holds true to the entrepreneurial spirit started by founder Robert Keane over twenty years ago. The amount of resources we have to work with has changed, but the culture has not. Our people remain engaged and enthusiastic, and we’re still breaking new ground as a company in the mass customization space, so there is great opportunity for innovation and professional growth. 

What’s the best way to get a job at Vistaprint? 

Make a connection. We like to get introduced to candidates through the great people that work here, so get to know a current employee and have them refer you. Come talk to us at a campus networking event; introduce yourself and then follow up. You can also think outside the box. We liked those who tried our Tech Challenge to show us their coding skills. Send a creative message through LinkedIn. Show up to the interview enthusiastic and authentic. 

But don’t let relationships or creativity stop you. If you don’t know anyone, just drop us a line! We like to hear from those interested in working with us and can help determine if there are job opportunities for you now or in the future. 

What can someone expect during the interview process?

Our interview process typically starts with an introductory call with a recruiter for us to learn about your experience, and for you to learn about the opportunity. If there is a match between both, then we will move you forward to a phone interview with the hiring manager where they will dive deeper into your skillset and probe on your ability and interest in the job.  

From there, we’ll schedule an on-site interview for you to meet with members of the team who are able to provide you insights into their experiences at Vistaprint and on their team, and give you a sense for what they do and how they’ve grown.  They’ll also assess you among a number of competencies to make sure we get a full 360-degree evaluation of you as a candidate, looking into everything from behavioral, team fit, growth/ambition, problem solving, and technical ability.  Depending on the role/function/level, there could be another round but we try to be as efficient as possible to ensure you are having a good candidate experience, that’s just as important to us. 

Our interviews are tough, but worth it. We’ve been selected as one of the 25 Most Difficult Places to Interview by Business Insider. The interview process is selective, strategic and unique, but certainly gives an in depth look into real life Vistaprint challenges potential employees will be tasked to solve. We are proud to hire the best of the best. 

Before interviewing, pick up some tips from Recruiter Rob Lopez: Acing Your Vista-Interview. 

What can people expect over the course of their career at Vistaprint?

Opportunity! At Vistaprint, you are thrown right in but given the support and mentorship you need to get up to speed and to excel. We believe in making sure our people are in a position to feel challenged and excited and are able to continually learn and grow. Like our company, our people are never standing still, there are continued opportunities to grow professionally, try new things, and challenge yourself to attempt something outside your comfort zone. You can expect to face complex problems, work globally alongside interesting people, and to truly celebrate the wins when they occur.

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of Vistaprint? (examples:  company outings, charitable events, etc.)

We’re big fans of team-based events. This past year our entire company went on a harbor cruise to celebrate a successful quarter. Plus, every summer our technology team goes on a summer outing to Kimball Farm for a BBQ, beers, golf, batting cages and a little competition. (Last year we had the Olympics.) 

We also host tech conferences (such as Tech-in-Motion) that employees speak at and attend, and we bring speakers with interesting perspectives here to Vistaprint. 

Our global offices get into the fun as well: the Montego Bay, Jamaica office holds a block party, and our Windsor, Canada office hosts a great family event each year. The holiday party is also a favorite event here in Lexington, with dancing and raffles and celebration at a fun location like The Museum of Science. 

What is in your fridge or on tap?

We have a fridge in every kitchen, on every floor, near every grouping of pods. So you can always get water, various types of soda, juice, and milk for your coffee. (Not to mention we always have 20+ coffee varieties on hand!) We also have fresh fruit, a never-ending supply of goldfish (both cheddar and pretzel) and various other snacks. Every Friday afternoon we host a VIEW with a free selection of 20 beers/ciders and 10 wine options to ring in the weekend.

Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about Vistaprint or individuals that work there?  
Two of our team members – Master Chef Dave Miller and Adria Kyne – were reality TV stars. One was featured on House Hunters. More than 100 of us took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Nine people ran the Boston Marathon this year, multiple Vistaprinters are former college athletes, and one of our recruiters biked across the country in 2014. 

There are too many great stories to share, but one of our favorites was the recent trip to Ghana two of our Lexington team members went on. There as part of a strategic planning trip for a non-profit called Project Bead, they brought along boxes of Vistaprint shirts to give out to the communities they visited. Another favorite was Alexandra, who helped us collect over 5,000 diapers to give to the Waltham Diaper Depot. Read many more stories about our people on our Life in Vistaprint blog.   

(We also just learned at an internal AMA that Robert Keane, our CEO and founder, is a Breaking Bad and Desperate Housewives fan.)


Do you have any unique benefits or perks?

Did we mention free food and beer?  From food trucks every other Wednesday, to a happy hour every Friday at 4pm, Vistaprint is a company who likes to have fun and reward employees for their hard work.  Pamper yourselves with our on-site massage therapy, or get a manicure to kick-off the week.  Need to burn off some steam?  Forget about getting a gym membership, head down to our on-site facility that’s open 24 hours, seven days a week.  And in the spirit of work hard, play hard, our Lexington employees geat a Vistabreak - a paid month off on top of your existing time off after five years of employment. 

For more information on our benefits and perks, check out 12 Perks You Don’t Have to Ask Your Boss For.





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