Ve Interactive

Ve is an award winning mar/adtech company, helping online businesses increase customer engagement through our digital platform.

Ve Interactive

580 Harrison Ave, Ste 401
Boston, MA 02118

Company Overview

Ve Interactive is a multi-award-winning technology company that offers a suite of apps across our VePlatform. These apps help online businesses successfully reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement, minimize website abandonment and drive conversions. 

Tracking $billions of transaction daily, Ve’s comprehensive data set provides unparalleled insights into customer activity, whilst driving each app to deliver highly-targeted content to customers based on their purchasing activity and profile. 

Recipient of a Ruban d’Honneur in the 2014-15 European Business Awards, Winner of a Data Strategy Award 2014 for Real-Time Marketing and a Gold Medal in the International Business Stevie® Awards 2014 for the company's VePlatform, Ve has over 800 employees across 34 offices worldwide.

Ve supports over 10,000 domestic and multi-national online businesses and retailers in the delivery of real-time marketing communications at key points within their customers’ journeys. 

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

We operate on the notion that every member of the team has a voice, has an idea that is worth listening to, regardless of your job title.  Our technology is innovative, but more importantly our team innovates every day from optimizations with clients to best internal practices. We are always trying to streamline.  If someone has an idea it doesn't take much to be up and running.  Nimble and quick – that’s the way we like it. 


What’s the best way to get a job at Ve Interactive? 

We are always looking for talented, tech-savvy, and solution-oriented team members.  Check out our Bizz page or our website.   We often post on Linkedin and Twitter, too.  This is the best way to find out about our listings, but to get a job, be persistent, sharp and have that go gettem’ attitude. Positivity and drive go a long way.


What can someone expect during the interview process?

The interview process usually starts with a brief intro phone call, and then we do several in-person interviews. We like each other in and out of work; it makes work that much easier.  So it’s important to be a good cultural fit and be a true team player. 

What can people expect over the course of their career at Ve Interactive?

Growth and opportunity. We are growing at exponential rates, our Boston office is close to 80 people and we have over 800 world-wide; everyone’s efforts matter and genuinely help build the long-term success of Ve. You have the opportunity to grow into the role you create based on your contributions. You are not siphoned into one role; self-starters are big. 

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office? (examples:  company outings, charitable events, etc) 

Holiday parties, summer pool party days, community service and softball are just a few.


What is in your fridge or on tap?

We have a fully-stocked pantry, with healthy and maybe some not-so-healthy options always available. We also have two kegs, so usually have one lighter option and one heavier options depending on your preference!

Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about Ve Interactive or individuals that work there? 

Even though we are growing so quickly, we maintain the start-up family vibe.  We do a company meeting 3 days a week that includes daily sales, but also any upcoming events, good news, and lessons learned from the day or week.  It’s important that we stay in communication between departments and management even as we continue to scale.  These meetings can also include—a money plea for a Kickstarter campaign for some real Nantucket Reds, stats from the softball league, and fantasy football updates/trash-talking.  


Do you have any unique benefits or perks?  

Parking is hard to come by in the South End; Ve employees get discounted parking if they do not live near public transportation. Also, summer Friday's tend to be everyone's favorite perk!





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Posted on: September 12, 2016