Global software company redefining energy efficiency, reliability & security. We work with electric utilities to leverage innovation solutions across the grid.


245 Chapman St., Ste 200
Providence, RI 02905

Company Overview

Our patented digital platform, the Signal Intelligence Engine (SIe), captures real-time data and circuit conditions from the electric distribution grid. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the SIe provides operators and executives with new insights based on real-time, actionable data. We use this intelligence to deliver smarter voltage control, achieve best-in-class energy efficiency, improve reliability and detect grid anomalies.

Framework for Success

We believe in building a strong eco-system and offering a comprehensive approach to ensure our customers’ success, including regulatory and policy assistance, partnerships with leading smart grid companies and an exceptional voltage optimization software product. We recognize that the distribution grid is rapidly evolving and that the ability to adopt new technologies, while providing safe, reliable, and affordable power is core to our customers’ missions.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, to ensure our software can easily integrate with new applications as they come online and help make the adoption of new technologies seamless.

With a world-class production, research, and development facility at our headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island, USA and major utility clients and partners in North America and across the world, Utilidata continues to expand its global footprint.

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Utilidata is a global software company that is redefining energy efficiency, reliability, and security. 

Our patented digital platform is the leader in delivering intelligence and control of the electric grid. We make the grid smarter to reduce waste, increase reliability, and save money. We are working with electric utilities to scale solar, wind, and other power resources to get out ahead of today’s transforming energy market. 

We do this by connecting, automating, and managing control throughout the utility’s distribution system. 

Given how we interact with the grid and leverage real-time information, Utilidata is in a unique position to address today’s exponentially important cyber security challenges. 

Utilidata has brought together a team of more than 40 professionals comprised of science, technology, engineering, energy market and regulatory experts to help utilities and large energy users modernize the electric grid.





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