The Grommet

We launch undiscovered products & help them succeed; we call them Grommets. Products with a purpose invented by Makers with stories. Buy Differently.

The Grommet

87 Elmwood Street
Somerville, MA 02144

Company Overview

The Grommet is a product launch platform. This means we find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. Our goal is to level the playing field so the best companies can win. Until The Grommet came along in 2008, that was simply not always the case. We have attracted a powerful community of Makers, Retailers and Consumers whose enthusiasm for suggesting, sharing, and buying Grommets ensures the survival and growth of the ground-breaking companies behind them. We are rooted in the philosophy of Citizen Commerce™ whereby regular people form the consumer experience by suggesting products that reflect their values and interests.

In the summer of 2014 we launched a new Wholesale Platform at the White House Maker Faire to connect these independent Makers with Main Street Retailers, supporting both and ensuring their success. Our end goal is that within five years 10% of all products flowing through U.S. retail will be originating from independent small-scale Makers, creating vibrant jobs and innovative products in every corner of our country.

Our team is composed of creative and driven individuals with unique vision who are building a disruptive product launch platform with no direct competitors. We have blue chip investors, including Rakuten, and are in high-growth mode.

We're seeking high-energy players who are eager to contribute to the growth of our company and to share in its success. These are high-potential positions on the Grommet's team with exposure and the opportunity to reach into all areas of this exciting company. Our team is growing, and these hires will have the opportunity to make a deep and immediate impact on our business.

Mike Lovett
Marketing Specialist

If you hate the idea of a dynamic workplace, a vibrant company culture, and fun, you'll hate The Grommet, but I digress. I wanted to work at The Grommet because it seemed like an opportunity where I would enjoy the work I did and meet people I would thoroughly enjoy working with. I was right. It's been a personal and professional jackpot.  

Marie-Eve Tremblay
Jr. Web Designer

I really care about The Grommet’s mission to put an end to faceless business and highlight the people behind the products. I love what I do. Every day I get to be creative and work with things I like the most: colors, layouts, typography, and beautiful imagery taken by our in-house photography team.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

Our culture is a lot of fun. We work really hard, but we try our best to play hard too. When the stress level starts to rise in the office, we bring it right back down again with an ice cream truck, a couple beers after work, or an impromptu cookout in the parking lot at lunch time. There are quite a few pranksters and comedians in our office that make the day go by very quickly, and they keep us all on our toes. Many of the people that work here are also roommates, and lots of us hang out together after work and on weekends. In addition to all the fun stuff we do, Jules and Joanne, our co-founders, have an open door policy, and we all know they really mean it when they say they want to hear what’s going on, whether it’s good or bad. They keep us up to speed on the company, which makes us want to work that much harder to reach our goals. 

The Grommet culture 

What’s the best way to get your foot in the door at The Grommet?

We want team members that have a great attitude and want to work hard, in an environment that is constantly changing. The best way to get an interview with us is to send a cover letter that tells us about you and your passions. The best way to get a job with The Grommet is to come prepared to the interview – know what we do and why it is important, and let us know how your contributions are going to help us achieve our goals. If you’ve got a great idea for a future Grommet, tell us about that too! 

What can someone expect during the interview process?

First round interviews are over the phone, generally with the hiring manager. From there, we bring in our top applicants to meet with as many people as possible at The Grommet. No worries, this isn’t to waste your time – we want to see how you interact with different types of people, even people here at The Grommet that you might not work with on a regular basis. In doing this, you can get a feel for what the office culture and environment is like, and we can be sure that our team members think you would fit in. The final interview is with either Jules or Joanne, depending on what the position we are hiring for is. 

The Grommet office tour 

What can people expect over the course of their career at The Grommet?

You can expect to work hard and learn as much as you want to learn. There is huge opportunity for someone who says, ‘I see a problem, can I fix it?,’ even if it’s not your problem in the first place. Jules and Joanne, and the rest of the team, constantly takes advantage of teaching moments, sharing stories from their past experiences, or explaining why something we tried either worked really well, or didn’t work at all.  

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do together outside of the office?

We try to do as many events as a company and as a group of friends as we can. Our holiday party last year was at Downeast Cider, we brought a team of 15 to the Build Entrepreneur Games, we have volunteered to cook dinner at a homeless shelter, and we have participated in a spruce-up of the Somerville Community Growing Center. We also frequently go to events around the area, such as Beer Fests, 5k’s, the Somerville theater, and random bars just because we want to hang out. 

The Grommet Entrepreneur Games 

Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about The Grommet or individuals that work there?

We give out a bloody knee award every quarter. This award came about after Jules took a spill at an event while accepting an award. As embarrassing as it was (and she is happy to tell the story), she got up, and kept smiling. After Jules’ event, the bloody knee was born to celebrate someone who has gone above and beyond, overcame a huge obstacle, etc. At the end of every quarter, our operating team meets and secretly decides who should get the award, and then the announcement is made at the next team meeting. Some of the recipients did things such as keep our marketing streamlined with 400% YOY revenue growth, built our entire wholesale launch in just a few months, and had a huge deal blow up after we popped the champagne. It’s always a secret until the last minute, but almost never a surprise as to who the winner is, and it keeps us all on our toes, knowing there’s a chance we could be the next bloody knee recipient.

What TV or movie would best describe the working environment and employees at The Grommet?

This is an easy question, our own video spoof of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off.’  Our version was written by Wholesale team member Matt DiStefano, and he also stars in the video, along with quite a few of our team members, and makers!. Check it out here

Do you have any unique benefits or perks?

All of our potential Grommets are tested by the team, so there is a constant flow of stuff to play with. We also encourage people to star in our daily videos, so you can someday say you got your start on the big screen at The Grommet! We regularly schedule fireside chats and lunch and learns with fun and exciting people in the start-up scene. We also do Wine Wednesdays once a month, and break out our Weber grill on a regular basis in the summer, ‘just because’.   

What’s on tap or in your fridge?

It depends on who went to the ‘packie’ last! We always have some sort of wine, and an assortment of beers. We don’t have a draft yet, but we’re working on it!






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