Mission control for R&D. TetraScience connects your lab instruments to a single online dashboard so you can manage experiments and access data.


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Company Overview

TetraScience is a fast-growing startup out of Harvard & MIT composed of individuals passionate about advancing science. TetraScience provides a mission control for scientific R&D that helps teams better use their time and equipment by bringing Internet-of-Things technology to the laboratory. The most prestigious academic, hospital, biotech, and pharma labs use TetraScience to be more productive, compliant, and consistent.

Scientists create tremendous amounts of value: they discover new medicines, design safer chemicals, and further our understanding, to name a few. Though these scientists are at the cutting edge of innovation, many of their tools are not. Instruments should be as smart as the scientists who use them. Our dedicated team has rallied around this core principle and is helping modernize R&D by allowing research teams to remotely manage experiments, access data, and uncover unique business insights.

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