November 7, 2019

The VentureFizz Podcast: Andrej Paule - Co-Founder and CEO of Sable

For the 144th episode of our podcast, I interviewed Andrej Paule, Co-Founder and CEO of Sable.

The concept of Sable was born based on Andrej’s own personal experience as an international student while attending business school at Columbia. The complexity and the process of getting a bank account set up was incredibly archaic and challenging. The same goes for obtaining a credit card and it all can take months to get set up.

Like any ambitious entrepreneur, especially one who was interested in the Fintech industry, Andrej took action. Along with his co-founders, Sable is making banking in the US for internationals easy. This NY startup recently graduated from Y Combinator’s summer cohort.

In this episode of our podcast, we cover:

  • Andrej’s background and professional history.
  •  What led the team down the path of solving the problem of banking for internationals.
  • All the details on Sable and how they got started.
  • The challenges they had to be overcome while dealing with the complicated and regulated banking industry.
  • Advice on the application process at Y Combinator and how to maximize your company’s time there.
  • And more!

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Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.