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Smartvid.io Company Overview

Smartvid.io’s software enables builders to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to reduce risk on their projects.

Like a “virtual safety inspector” our safety monitoring solution plugs into existing sources of photo, video and project data and automatically detects safety hazards on your jobsites. Smartvid.io creates an automated safety risk assessment report that enables cross project benchmarking for leading risk indicators. Getting started is easy with pre-built integrations to Autodesk, Procore, Egnyte, Box, OxBlue and other project data sources.

See it in action at www.smartvid.io.

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The role: We have the largest annotated dataset for the construction industry ever assembled with all of its real world attributes: dirty, unexplored, and rich. This role is for you if you want hands-on experience with ML on image, speech, and video data. We are looking for someone excited to design, train, apply and evaluate the latest deep learning models on customer data within our cloud based research and production environments. The goal is to generate an automated assessment of job site safety risks and feed the data to a predictive pipeline that will help our clients better...
Software Engineering/QA
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At Smartvid.io we’re united by a common goal—building a photo and video management platform that leverages machine learning to solve industrial-grade problems. Our vision is simple to explain but hard to do. To execute on this concept, we’ve convened an experienced team of enterprise software engineers, machine learning specialists, and sales and account managers.

Smartvid.io's team brings a track record and passion for solving complex problems in elegant ways that deliver unparallel user experience. The founding team has worked together in various software companies for over 15 years, helping to change the way people work. Most recently, the team started Vela Systems which pioneered the use of mobile technology in the AEC industry (architecture, engineering and construction), growing to thousands of deployments all over the world before being acquired by Autodesk (now known as BIM360 Field).

Our company values and cultivates an environment of open communication, frequent cross functional teaming, a bias towards getting things done, and a diverse, down-to-earth, and fun bunch of people.


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January 23, 2020
If you’ve been in the construction industry long enough, I’m sure you’ve used safety software that felt like a waste of time and whose purpose wasn’t to reduce incidents, but was more about CYA. Basically, the software helped do the bare minimum to demonstrate compliance.   But while there’s a lot of useless safety software on the market, the technology can be great and still fail for other reasons. That’s because any safety program depends on three fundamental...
January 10, 2020
It finally feels like construction is having its own “Moneyball” moment. I vividly remember the first time I saw the movie. If you’re not familiar with the film, which is based on the Michael Lewis book of the same name, it tells how the 2002 Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane pioneered an incredibly successful analytic strategy for identifying undervalued players. ...
December 26, 2019
When people in the construction industry think about the job of safety officers, the first image that probably comes to mind is someone on-site with a clipboard and pencil (or maybe an iPad) filling out a safety checklist. These forms have become such an integral part of a safety officer’s work, we rarely give much thought to their effectiveness. And while they certainly have played an important role in making the construction industry safer, they also have some significant drawbac...
December 20, 2019
It's Tuesday morning at 10am. John is on his project site gathering safety observations, engaging the crews, and providing both positive and constructive feedback while entering observations into his mobile device. In the course of his walk, John notices a worker standing under a load suspended from a crane.  He calls the worker over to get him out of harm's way and asks whether he was aware of the danger, determining that he wasn’t. So with the help of the worker, John arrang...
December 18, 2019
At Smartvid.io, one of the things we’re always emphasizing with customers is the importance of building a safety culture. It makes a huge difference, and you don’t have to just take our word for it. A study in the academic journal, Safety Science, found that safety measures are significantly more effective when they’re implemented within organizations that already have a strong safety culture. Suffolk Construction provides a great example of the power of a strong safety cultur...