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5+ million software professionals and 20,000+ companies in 194 countries use SmartBear products to build and deliver the world’s greatest applications.

SmartBear Software

450 Artisan Way
Somerville, MA 02145

Company Overview

SmartBear is a combination of a start-up, high growth culture and environment, with an established, financially strong, 300+ employees across six global locations company. We provide leading companies with the technology to help them build some of the greatest applications, high performing websites, electronic shopping carts, SaaS and cloud-based software solutions throughout every step of the development cycle from coding, to testing, to launch, to monitoring performance.

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We work with companies such as Google, Disney, Apple, jetBlue, Johnson & Johnson and leading venture-backed, start-ups (as well as 20,000+ other companies). We have a community of over 5.8 million users that leverage our software and solutions. Please visit for more information and where you can find out the origin of the SmartBear name.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture? 

We care about the success of our employees and provide guidance and tools to help them grow their careers and succeed. We seek to continuously learn and evolve and strive to be the company of choice. SmartBears come to work to be with the best and brightest in the software industry, and stay because it is a great fit. Meet some of our employees through the links below:

Interested in Sales?

Meet Reagan: Account Executive

Meet Tom: Sales Manager

Interested in Sales Development?

Meet Carlos: Sales Dev Manager

Interested in Marketing?

Meet Christina: Marketing Manager

Interested in Customer Success?

Meet Kat: Sr. Customer Success Advisor 

Interested in Product or Technology?

Meet John: VP, Product

What’s the best way to get a job at SmartBear Software?

Apply online through the SmartBear Career page or find our Job Openings on the right side of our BIZZpage

What can people expect over the course of their career at SmartBear Software?

It’s important to understand each team member on a professional and personal level—not a blanket approach. Team members are given complete ownership of their day-to-day tasks because SmartBear is confident that the people brought on board will strive to reach the goals set out by leaders.

Do you have any unique benefits or perks? 

Great Perks – We offer competitive salaries, top of the line benefits, ample vacation, 401(k) match, and great eats – breakfast, lunches, coffee (regular, gourmet, espresso, lattes), drinks, healthy and sweet snacks and a constant flow of popcorn from a retro movie theatre machine.

Award Winning Technology – SmartBear is a market leader and has won numerous, prestigious industry awards for its software solutions, including “Top Innovator and Leader In Software Development”.

Unbelievable Offices – We are in a new, state-of-the-art building, on the waterfront, with an modern layout and a giant kitchen and eating area. We have an open floor plan and an abundance of conference rooms. The office is centered on the “Bear Cave”, for impromptu collaboration, company gatherings, monthly drinks, wine tastings and industry Meetups and events. We’ve also left space for fun with a ping-pong table, putting green, bean bag toss and other ways to have a quick break during the day.

Ideal Location - We are located at Assembly Row, which is the new, hot, technology company destination, with great water views, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, movie complex, bike and running paths and is easily accessible by mass transportation. See more here! 

Community Service and Philanthropy - SmartBear is committed to giving back to the community. We offer employees a day off to serve the cause of their choice or work in teams to support an organization. SmartBear also contributes time and donates to meaningful organizations, such as aiding at-risk children and combatting homelessness.

Thought Leader and Innovator – SmartBear strives to be a thought leader and innovator in the technology industry. We frequently support Meetups, are a member of Women In Technology, MassTLC and other premier organizations.Our leadership team has a proven record of success, is passionate about the success of the employees and company and focused on supporting the sales organization. Meet our Executive team here!


What’s on tap or in your fridge?

The variety depends on the time of year (and how thirsty we were the prior Thursday), but SmartBear's monthly huddles give employees an opportunity to welcome new hires, celebrate work anniversaries, make cocktails together, and enjoy great food in the “Bear Cave.” Offering spectacular views of the Mystic River, this open and airy space serves many purposes for the team, who use it for everything from meetings to happy hours to industry events—or even just as a place to relax for a few minutes during a busy day. 


Rachel Jenkins
Digital Marketing Campaigns Specialist

"As a recent college graduate, I didn’t exactly know what to expect for my first job in the real world. I aspired to get hired at a place where I could forge my own professional path alongside colleagues who inspire me to work my hardest, and fall in love with what I do. As it turns out, I could not have ever imagined how good of an opportunity I was walking into at SmartBear. Each day, I’m excited to come to work. Each day, I look forward to what new knowledge I’ll acquire. Learning from some of the most brilliant minds on how to work with the most cutting-edge software in the industry inspires me to do my best here. A fire is only further fueled by the camaraderie and positive energy exhibited here day in and day out. SmartBear is the best opportunity I ever could’ve imagined for myself!"

Christina Lowe
SmartBear Partner Marketing Manager

“I am a very driven and enthusiastic person. What really gets me excited about working at SmartBear is the opportunity to work with teammates, partners, and customers across the globe. I have the privilege of regularly sharing the SmartBear story with partners and helping to tailor their market strategy to the region. I love what I do and look forward to the continued growth and challenges that will arise from working at SmartBear. Also, I work with fantastic people who aren't afraid to work hard and have fun doing it.” 

Masha Kozinets
Director of Product Management, Product Owner

“As a Product Manager with over 20 years of experience in the Software Development industry, I can say that SmartBear knows what it takes to build great software products that make a difference!  This is made possible by the unique SmartBear team and working environment where each member is enabled to make a significant impact, thus allowing one to feel respected and valued. What I enjoy the most about SmartBear is that important decisions are made collectively and efficiently, and when you walk in the door each morning, you feel like there is a lot of energy and passion! It is a great feeling to be a member of a tightly-knit team where everyone matters!”

Chris Bane
Sales Manager

"Do you want rocket-ship potential? I did. I wanted to be somewhere with incredible software, and an even more incredible team, so I went looking for that and found it in SmartBear… and a whole lot more. I soon realized that on top of recent insane growth achievements and even more ambitious future growth plans, I was joining a company that is the market leader in software quality for the connected world.

Our software helps make your software better. This is about as ROCK SOLID as you could hope for in a company and opportunity. The market is ever expanding, and our products are preferred by OVER 3+ MILLION USERS! Oh, and we have free lunches, a game room, fantastic earning potential, and just so happen to be located in a beautiful brand new office at Assembly Row, Somerville! Long story short, the management team has been here before, and they know how to grow this company and your career along with it. They promote from within all the time, and they’re providing real leadership and sales training. This is the BEST opportunity in Boston, and I’m happy to be a part of the ride up."

Gerry McManus
Strategic Sales

"Near 8 years with the company as one of the original 5 territory managers and it has been quite a ride. SmartBear has been everything an employee could ever want from great benefits to opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Being part of a fast growing company with a huge focus on developing their employees and promoting from within presents lots of avenues for career advancement and professional development.

Having held numerous positions here, I can say that senior management always works to put you in a role that is equally challenging and rewarding for both you and the company. Work hard and SmartBear will do the same to ensure the success of your career in technology."

Ronan Trainor
Technical Sales Engineer, EMEA

“The people, culture, winning mentality and everyone pulling in the same direction is what makes SmartBear such a great place to work… I was welcomed into the SmartBear family from day one and feel that SmartBear have supported and invested in me and genuinely want to bring out the best of my talents and abilities. I am delighted to be part of this team and look forward to the long successful journey ahead."

Jacob Hume
Territory Account Manager

"One of the biggest benefits to working at SmartBear is the amount of sales training you will receive.  There is always new stuff to learn and the training helps everyone stay informed on the latest industry trends to ensure employees are successful. The vision and goals of the company are clearly laid out, and I admire the company’s determination to achieve better than expected results while continuously perfecting process. The people I work with are fantastic; everyone is willing to lend a helping hand, regardless of their title.  I feel like I know everyone here and I haven’t even worked a full year yet.  

SmartBear is also great at feeding their employees (maybe it’s because SmartBear’s are always hungry?).  Whether it is end of month bagels, end of quarter lunches, summer lunch series Fridays, learn trainings, and I always get a couple free meals (not to mention popcorn, coffee, and snacks daily)."





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