Startup Institute Boston - Spring of 2014 Class


Startup Institute Boston - Spring of 2014 Class

Here is an early look at the new crop of highly motivated and ready-to-create-change students in the Startup Institute's Spring Class of 2014.

You can meet all of the students at the Startup Institute's TalentExpo on Thursday morning.  Link

Elizabeth Long – Product & Design

Elizabeth has begun her transition to becoming a UX Designer.

Elizabeth Long's prior experience is in non-profit management, fundraising and event planning. She graduated from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Recreation Administration. 

She is actively learning to code through GDI classes and online resources... Read more

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Emily Canina – Product & Design

I am a Boston native with a love for the hometown feel and sports teams. Last May, I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Interactive Digital Design and a minor in Marketing. What drew me to that major was my passion for problem solving and my interest in drawing and painting.

I am a curious person and eager to learn. I believe It's important to be passionate... Read more


Jesse Tremblay - Product & Design

Originally from Massachusetts with degree in Marketing from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I've spent the last decade consulting and building digital experiences for businesses, organizations and non-profits in the Central Massachusetts area.

Started as the web designer for a small manufacturing services business and eventually moving into the Marketing Director role...Read more

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Jessie Lin - Product & Design

Aspiring UI/UX designer, leaving the strategy consulting world with an itch to create and act upon insights, and to return to her tech roots.

Start-up junkie: molded at a experimental college (Olin), refined at a VC-backed biotech (On-Q-ity), and polished at an upstart consulting firm (Scientia Adv).

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Joana Alba Melo - Product & Design

Experience as a product and user experience analyst with a passion for creating seamless, enriching user experiences. Well versed in modern application design. Team player, proven problem solver and capable multitasker.

Particularly interested in EdTech, global health and global education initiatives. Originally from Brazil and fluent in Portuguese, I moved to the Northeast... Read more


Julie Hayes - Product & Design

Julie has spent 10 years working at higher education institutions across the country--spending time in Illinois, Kansas and Wisconsin. Along the way, she acquired a B.A. in English and an M.S. Ed. in Higher Education Administration with a focus on Adult Development, Assessment and Organizational Psychology. 

While working in university administration, Julie spent half... Read more

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Kathy Chau - Product & Design

I’m a self-driven designer who loves a good challenge. I received my BA in psychology from Boston University, but my heart told me that the creative field is where I truly belong. The transition was not easy, but my extensive background in visual arts and digital illustrations helped make it happen.

During my undergraduate years, I was also able to learn basic HTML/CSS while working as web assistant for multiple websites at the university. Having worked... Read more

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Kirsten Nelson - Product & Design

I am a designer who believes you can make things easier and more enjoyable through clear, simple design. I love to use design to solve problems and think great design can make the world a better place.

With a background in healthcare, I spent the last three years working in various clinical settings including pediatrics and cancer care. I have a BS in Economics... Read more

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Kristofer Mondlane - Product & Design

I lead cross-functional teams to deliver quality experiences.

I've been doing it since I was in grade-school; when I would facilitate our adventure evolution's and lead the exploration of fictitious worlds my classmates and I imagined within our urban playground during recess. In high-school I would organize and throw epic parties for schoolkids my age at nice clubs in London... Read more

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Lara Cavezza – Product & Design

I am an aspiring front-end developer, and lover of all things relating to language.

I have a background in working with people with language disorders, giving me a unique perspective on working as a front-end developer. Imagine a baby, not making sounds as it should, and not developing language as it should. This has taught me the... Read more

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Lauren Armstrong – Product & Design

I'm all about the ideas. I can't stop myself from thinking about new ideas, breaking apart what makes an idea great, and reconstructing an idea to fit new contexts. Visual thinking helps me map out these ideas and roasted & salted cashews help me sustain my blood sugar... Read more


Layla Ghaznavi – Product & Design

I was 14 when I got hold of my first copy of Photoshop 7. Since then, I have had an unquenchable desire to learn all things design!

As an inquisitive, imaginative, & quick-learning designer, my experience working with lean social change organizations the last 5 years has taught me to be strategic but nimble. I know this translates well into startup culture. The most fulfilling projects... Read more

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Stephen Young – Product & Design

From cartooning, painting, photography and furniture making; I have always found an outlet to express myself creatively. I have found that these abilities are all extremely useful together, and they allow me to create beautiful websites.

When a client needs a nice photo for their website, I have the ability... Read more

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Anand Deshpande – Sales & Account Management

I am a people person. I thrive where I can constantly learn and where collaboration in finding creative solutions is routine. My young career includes a particularly diverse set of experiences, showing my penchants for quickly learning, adapting to and balancing new tasks.

Having worked with many student groups, I have also learned to become effective with the time, financial and social capital available to me... Read more


Basmah Sakrani - Sales & Account Management

I fell into digital by pure chance, and it's been my happiest stumble yet.

 I'd walk by a billboard of a local Dubai digital agency and think to myself, 'Man, I'd love to work there some day." I made some day happen as soon as I could and spent the next year and a half learning and living all things digital. 

Diving into a pool of unfamiliar jargon, I made my agency experience about more than just digital strategy and online marketing... Read more

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Damian Priday - Sales & Account Management

Have lived in 9 different countries on 4 continents. Since moving to Boston I grew a desire to be a part of the startup community.

  My experience has been in marketing and brand strategy for SAB Miller and Coca-Cola in Colombia, Peru and Honduras. 

More recently I did a market research project for CoachUp in summer of 2013 and have been working in marketing, brand strategy and business development... Read more

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Darell Austin, Jr - Sales & Account Management

Senior business and financial analyst who combines strong finance, technology, and business acumen with in-depth experience managing projects and client relationships across the product and pricing data stream for over 10+ years within government and financial service industries.

Successful in devising client strategies spanning operational, process,and system components... Read more

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Darren Howerton - Sales & Account Management

Upon graduating from Brown University, I chose to enter one of the most competitive work environments I have encountered-- professional sports.

After moving to Germany and earning a contract with a mid-level soccer team, I acquired many skills that have transferred over to my corporate roles. Personal accountability, effective communication... Read more

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Ian Brisson - Sales & Account Management

I decided that instead of reading another Fast Company article evangelizing about the next Facebook (or ValleyWag making fun of the next Zuckerberg), I would put my foot in the door and make my mark on this ever-influential corner of the economy.

I joined the Startup Institute because I believe it will give me the hard skills I need to succeed. 

I've held jobs ranging from challenging to child's-play, interesting to inane... Read more


Kohshean Kuda - Sales & Account Management

I am a professional who enjoys the consultative sales process where I can leverage technology to creatively help develop solutions that are fit for solving the challenges that my clients encounter. I have a background in technology, wireless and security.

I enjoy traveling (especially, somewhere warm with blue waters), playing golf and learning something new... Read more


Kurt Grewal - Sales & Account Management

Over 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries, from a startup of my own all the way to some of the world's largest organizations. Extensive time spent managing others and processes, while putting out fires large and small.

Strong ability to wear many hats with the ability to solve multiple problems simultaneously... Read more

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Lilian Y. Mitchell - Sales & Account Management

I've been given plenty of titles: Outspoken Leader, Question Asker, Great Reframer, Operations Wizard, Marriage Counselor for Business Partners, and Junkyard Dog. Ask me about them! Let's see what I can do for you and your business. 

With a background in small business Operations, Education, and Consulting, I'm adding Sales & Account Management to my skill set through SIB. I'm looking for an Operations or Project Management role in a Boston startup... Read more

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Spencer Dunfee - Sales & Account Management

Since I graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland a few years ago, I've had a unique and exciting experience in the professional world.

After finishing my Masters in International Relations I decided to use my knowledge of trade policy to start a career in the Shipping industry, and so found a job as a research analyst for the dry bulk sector at a business intelligence firm in London... Read more


Stephen Wong - Sales & Account Management

How can I help you succeed?

  Over the course of my career I have served many roles. I have been an engineer, a teacher, an omelet chef, a software developer, a data analyst, and much more.

I am currently focusing my efforts on developing my sales and business development skills and getting involved in the Boston area startup community. 

I am always looking to learn more and meet awesome people, so please let me know... Read more

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Alex Wheeldon – Web Development

My career so far has been varied, but a few things have remained constant. First, I have always been compelled to find and analyze data. And second, I have always been happiest when I was working with intelligent and curious people... Read more


Andrew Nissen – Web Development

I spend nearly all my free time hacking and building (what I hope is) interesting software.

I like to focus mainly on the web, which was my duty as a programming intern at The Learning Games Network this last summer. While there, I helped define and produce a prototype for a new project (unreleased, related to the Xenos-Isle project)... Read more


Andy Wong – Web Development

A self-taught developer currently attending Startup Institute's web development track, I like to think of myself as a complete interdisciplinarian.

Officially a double major in English and Clinical Psychology from Tufts University's Class of 2013, I've dabbled in the creative arts, social sciences, physical sciences, and most recently, the computer sciences... Read more

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Ching Ting Sun – Web Development

With my experiences at my home schools in Taiwan and my projects' experiences here in the United States, I can bring different perspectives on how to utilize databases for your domestic as well as international customers.

I have collaborated with groups several times while working on my graduate degrees... Read more

Chris Mawhinney – Web Development

As a scientific researcher pivoting into development, I am excited to use my analytical skills to provide an advantage of knowing how to construct a solution by deconstructing a problem... Read more


Cindy Tran – Web Development

A web developer with experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including planning, implementation, testing, documenting, deployment and maintenance... Read more

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Mary Ashton Inglis – Web Development

I am a violist, a print designer, a farmer, a grant writer, and a developer seeking to create technical solutions that will free up people's creative energy.

I thrive in hard-working, collaborative environments with a mix of short- and long-term projects... Read more

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Peter Tuan – Web Development

What draws me to development is the combination of creativity and problem solving that it demands.

They are two challenges that have remarkably different aspects in approach, and when they come together, become a grand challenge worth pursuing... Read more

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Arlin Ladue – Technical Marketing

Arlin Ladue (b. Mar 19, 1989) grew up in Charlotte, Vermont, where he was introduced to skis and a video camera at 22 months.

He moved to Medford, MA in 2007 to attend Tufts University, where he studied Human Factors Engineering and worked as a freelance filmmaker & web designer... Read more

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Ben Feingersh – Technical Marketing

My name is Ben Feingersh, and I'm a proud member of the Startup Institute class of 2014 in Boston.

I graduated from Northeastern with a dual degree in computer science and psychology. As an undergrad, I had the amazing opportunity to work with several companies in Boston, as a mobile developer... Read more

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Dana Perlov – Technical Marketing

I am an experienced team player who is motivated by strategic thinking and passionate about integrating lifestyle and tech.

Before the Startup Institute, I had a great journey as a brand manager at L’Oreal Israel working on different brands with responsibilities across the value chain... Read more

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Jean Theodat – Technical Marketing

With more than 6 years of experiential marketing serving as the face of a 50 plus brands, I have engaged with more than 100,000 individuals affording me the opportunity of encountering all walks of life.

With that experience, I have developed the keen ability of successfully assessing and empathizing with consumers in order to maximize the quality of engagement... Read more

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Layla Ferguson – Technical Marketing

I'm Layla, a recent transplant to the Boston area and new resident of Salem, home of the infamous witch trials.

I'm a recent graduate of the Fletcher School of Foreign Policy at Tufts University where I received a masters in law and diplomacy... Read more


Lindsey Peckham – Technical Marketing

I graduated from Northeastern University in May of 2013, with a BS in Music Industry and a minor in Business Administration.

During my undergrad, I completed three full-time co-ops through Northeastern's program- all of which were marketing-related... Read more

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Martha Buckley – Technical Marketing

I am an energetic, eager professional who wants to change the world by creating a synergy between personal and professional passion.

Passionately driven and inspired by the uncommon collaboration of people making uncommon ideas spark, ignite and come to life, I believe we can and should use business as a catalyst for social change.

.. Read more

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Nicole Sullivan – Technical Marketing

I'm an ex-Wall Street/NYC transplant looking to leverage my black belt in Excel in the startup world.

Put briefly, I am at Startup Institute because I want to be a part of growing an innovative, meaningful startup business... Read more

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Nikole Sylvester – Technical Marketing

While completing my PR degree at Suffolk University I stumbled into a part time job at the world's most famous bar.

While my mother doesn't see serving beers as a future, I've been able to tie my knowledge of local craft beers, tourists and marketing together, creating a passion for start up companies and small businesses... Read more

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Ryan Kelly – Technical Marketing

Born and raised in South Florida. Moved to Boston because I was sick of sunshine.

Went to BU Law, where I learned from day one to forecast every conceivable thing that can go wrong for a client, then protect against it. Yeah, attorneys tend to be a pessimistic group, and I was never comfortable with that notion... Read more

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Stephanie Castanos – Technical Marketing

I began my Marketing career with a spanish-speaking television station.

Being bilingual opened doors with many multicultural companies and networks. After years of working in the entertainment industry, I decided to focus in helping others achieve their dreams... Read more

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Tarun Jain – Technical Marketing

I am a Boston native who is highly impressed by the growth in the local startup ecosystem.

My background in investment management has given me a strong foundation in analytical work including data analysis, trend forecasting and valuation modeling... Read more

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