SCVNGR / LevelUp - Office Tour [slideshow]


Welcome to SCVNGR / LevelUp Headquarters!

Welcome to the SCVNGR/ LevelUp Headquarters, located at 1 Congress Street, where we take holidays seriously.

Blue in the Face

No one is chained to a desk here. No matter where they work, they work until they’re blue in the face…

Practice Makes Perfect

…but there is always a few minutes to squeeze in practice for the next start-up paintball tournament

LevelUp Cafe

LevelUp Café, where the soup du jour is always Split POS solutions.

Who Doesn't Love Idea Paint?

LevelUp marketing meeting or Idea Paint ad? You decide.

Gong... is Good

If you hear the gong, you know deals are getting done.


Careful Elena, or your face might stick like that forever.

Every Office Needs a Unicycle

Employees here get from point A to point B just like everyone else: traditional walking, jumping on a scooter or hopping on a unicycle.

Spiderman or Batman?

When faced with the question, “Spiderman or Batman?” Adam lets his fingers do the talking.


At the SCVNGR/LevelUp Headquarters, the dedicated employees who keep operations in check are members of an elite squad. These are their stories. **Queue Law and Order intro music**

Office Decorations

Just some of the desk decorations you’ll see when walking around the office: Tony the Support Tiger, an army of zombies, and Surfer Joe strategically riding the revenue wave.

HR Princess

As the HR Princess, Ashleigh’s magic wand has the ability to grant you an amazing benefit package!

Strategic Planning

Phillie Phanatic wants in on the action as John and Kyle plan their next SCVNGR event.

Beast of the Week

Win Beast of the Week and shake it like a Polaroid picture.


Peter, the master of multitasking, practices some LAX moves while signing up a local café.

Top Secret!

Carter reminding us that press badges still don’t grant you access to the engineering wing.

Someone is a Great Artist

If you operate a Quick Service Restaurant, LevelUp would like to be “part of your world…”

Clutter = Brilliance

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”- Albert Einstein, who was only half as smart as our whiz kid, Jory.

Massive Android Mascots

Our Chief Ninja’s defense mechanism for the paparazzi.

You Are Being Watched

One of these things is not like the other. (Or is it?)

Galactic Space Hoodie

Our fearless leader & Chief Ninja! When you work at SCVNGR, you too can wear a galactic space hoodie to work.

Last Call

There’s only one way to end a productive day.

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