Office Tour: Fresh Tilled Soil [Slideshow]


Welcome To Fresh Tilled Soil

Our offices are located in the Riverworks Building at 480 Pleasant St. in Watertown. It’s a historical building that started out as two interconnected mill factories. Our office was custom renovated from the building’s former cafeteria into the Fresh Tilled Soil design and development studio on the ground floor, with an event and meeting space upstairs.

Make Yourself at Home

Just past the main entry, you’ll find two welcoming living rooms on either side of our office. Couches, plush chairs, a rug, and coffee table make our clients and guests feel at home before a meeting. In this photo, Fresh Tilled Soil Co Founder and CEO, Richard Banfield, chats up Peter Kang, Founder of Barrel, NYC about design trends and inspirations.

Downstairs, Interior View

A view of our downstairs workspace from the interior looking out. The huge, industrial windows let in a lot of light, allowing for plenty of creative pondering. On rainy days when the sun is nowhere to be found, the light fixtures that hang above add plenty of warm and cozy light to the office.

Open Office Workspaces

On either side of the of staircase, you’ll find our team of designers, developers, and project managers working away in our open-office layout. No shortage of large screen displays and MacBook Pro’s here.

Downstairs Lunch & Coffee Bar

This is our downstairs kitchen bar where lots of coffee, healthy snacks, and lunches take place. The poignantly pixelated Van Gogh mural in the background was assembled by our CEO Richard’s 11 year old son, Rhys.

T-Rex Conference Room

We have 5 conference rooms at Fresh Tilled Soil. T-Rex is our largest one, where our big creative client and team meetings take place. All of our conference rooms have IdeaPaint on at least one wall, so forget what your mother told you about writing on walls, because we do it all the time here at Fresh Tilled Soil.

T-Rex Workshop

Here’s our T-Rex room being used for a workshop session with our friend Mark Sadecki leading a web accessibility discussion at our annual UX Fest conference. As a creative agency, we love having spaces that are convertible and flexile.

‘Water’ Conference Room

Down a hallway, you’ll find our four remaining conference rooms. This one is aptly named ‘Water’ after the painting that hangs on the wall. The cool reflective mirrors and smooth color palette make the meetings that take place here feel a little more ‘zen’.

‘The Lodge’ Conference Room

Another of our conference rooms. We call this one ‘The Lodge’ since its been decorated to feel like a cozy winter retreat.

‘The Lodge’ in Use

Whiteboarding on the walls in The Lodge during an internal meeting.

In Between Floors

This photo taken from the staircase landing gives a look at both floors.

Goin’ Upstairs

Watch your step when traveling upstairs to the second floor of our office. This space is dedicated to events and social gatherings, which we frequently host here at Fresh Tilled Soil. Our upstairs also doubles as an alternative work and meeting space for our team. One of our designers, Mark Grambau, is a talented illustrator who hand-drew the Fresh Tilled Soil graphic that you see on our feature wall upstairs.

Upstairs Bar, Daytime

On the entry-side of our upstairs space we have a bar. As seen here, during the day we use it as an extra space to congregate for an informal chat or impromptu meeting.

Upstairs Bar, Happy Hour

Our upstairs bar serves its true purpose as a wet bar during “happy hours” after a speaking event or conference. We know how to let loose after a week of hard work!


If you’ve come to a Fresh Tilled Soil for an event, this is probably a familiar scene -- folks networking, socializing, and enjoying a drink or a coffee around the bar upstairs. We love to bring new people and energy into our event space upstairs.

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Upstairs Event & Workshop Room

We have an enclosed room on the fourth floor where the meat of our events take place-- speaking engagements, interviews, and client and team workshops. So far, we’ve hosted the Winklevoss Twins, the Co-Founders of Dribbble, and plenty of talented and respected creative leaders and individuals.