Matchbox - Office Tour [slideshow]


Welcome to Matchbox!

Welcome to Matchbox! Our company disrupts the undergraduate and graduate admissions process by replacing outdated software and systems with an iPad app.

Just take the fire escape up to the 5th floor and we will meet you there...

Bright Lights, Big City

A little diddy in the city. Matchbox after hours.

Startup Life!

The developer may work on software, but for the Marketing Team--- there is always some hardware to build.

Which Way do I Go?

We like to make sure that all visitors know EXACTLY where to go!

Reading Nook

It is very important to keep up on industry news! Playing catch up in the reading nook.

London Calling

If desk sitting (or in most cases, standing) isn't your thing we have a plethora of other seating options in the office. Eric hopped over to London for a quick call and email session.

Central Park

Paul and Brett are getting winter-tropical on the chaise lounges located in our indoor "Central Park."

In-house Apple Store

Our in-house Apple store is the perfect place to get your technology-on, draw some inspiration, or get away from the buzz of the office!

Gong = Good

Hits to the gong--- How we celebrate sales success.


A smorgasbord of treats. Think: Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Cheez-Its. It is basically a middle school lunch room, but with espresso.

Dance Dance Revolution

Battle it out. A little Dance Dance Revolution is how we get the job done around here.


All development is easier with a little nerd.. er, nerf.

Presents Every Day?

Everyday is Christmas at Matchbox!


See! We even have the cutest elfves!

"Window Meeting"

But it is back to work in the new year! Starting 2013 with our first-ever "Window Meeting."

The Team!

We are always happy to take a break from our day for a little group photo-shoot!