Intrepid Labs - Office Tour [slideshow]


Welcome to Intrepid Labs!

Welcome to the Intrepid Labs Office Tour!

Located at 222 Third Street in Cambridge, Intrepid Labs is a co-working space for startups.

Current startup tenants include: The Tap Lab, Leaf, Intrepid Pursuits, & The Interllective.

A Collaborative Space for Startups

A view of the entire space.

Lounge / Meeting Area

The lounge/meeting area in the middle of Labs where companies collaborate and solve problems.


Yes, that's a detail of a monkey.

Gotta Love the Sweet Roof Deck!

A view from our roof deck.

Working Hard

Intrepid Labs team member hard at work in a nook.

Lunch or Table Tennis?

That's right, we have a table tennis table in our kitchen.

The Interllective

Startup & tenant - The Interllective (document search technology) - cranking away.

Intrepid Pursuits in Action!

Intrepid Pursuits coming up with new designs for a project.

And...they are hiring!  Check out their posting for iOS & Android Developers here!


Startup company & tenant - Leaf (digital receipts) - doing what they do best...winning.

Alejandro and Drew Talk Strategy

Alejandro and Drew of Leaf talking strategy.

Words to Live By

Never Never Never Give Up

Nerf Gun

The Newest Nerf Gun in the Labs

Loose Leaf Tea

Nothing like a little loose leaf tea to revive oneself at the 2 pm low.

Conference Room

One of 8 conference rooms.