Daily Grommet - Office Tour [slideshow]


Welcome to the Daily Grommet's Headquarters!

Our charming offices are located at 6 Wallis Court, which is one of three buildings that we occupy in Lexington Center. We like to think they reflect our unique style and here’s a fun fact – Jules’ office used to be a parlor!

Front Door

Like we said, everything is unique right down to the glass frame around the door. Doesn’t it make you want to step inside? Well, let’s go!

Grommets Galore!

Grommets galore! As soon as you walk in, you’ll see an entire shelving unit full of our Grommets that you’ve likely seen on video many times. We like to entertain guests with our Grommets and see which are their favorites.

More Grommets!

You can’t walk very far in our office without running into a Grommet. What doesn’t fit on our shelves finds a spot elsewhere.

Most Innovative Business Strategy

While you’re waiting, you can also marvel at some of the beautiful hand craftsmanship that belongs to many of our Grommets. Oh, and yes Daily Grommet did win the 2010 MITX Technology award for ‘Most Innovative Business Strategy’


Not only are we a user of IdeaPaint, but we actually helped launch their product very early on before they had their packaging designed!

On Camera

Welcome to filming day! Here we film many of the fun videos you watch every day at noon. This is where the real action happens and it’s the crux of our work.


It’s always important to take a break for some yummy snacks. And we do, a lot!

Here Comes June

Since our office is an older, creaky house, we hear many people walking up and down the stairs often…. here comes June!

Hard at Work

Here’s June hard at work with what else, but a Grommet on her wall as a calendar.

Fulfillment Center

In Lexington Center, we occupy space in three buildings.  We need lots of space to house all those Grommets! Here’s a room in our fulfillment center.  Does it look like the holiday season to you?!

Customer Service

During the holiday’s, we all function as little elves. Here’s Chew-Hoong hard at work on customer service.

Smile... Happy at Work!

Ray, Annaliese and Jason are flashing smiles for the camera!

Creative Sitting

Our office is growing so quickly, and we move from spot to spot so often that sometimes it’s just easier to take a seat on the floor for a bit!

Conference Room vs Film Studio

Our lovely conference room doubles as our film studio. Can you tell?

Penthouse Suite

Here’s our Launch Associate, Angela, hard at work in our top floor “Penthouse”.

Lone Sweater

A lone sweater happily hangs on a Grommet near someone’s desk. We know how to decorate well here.

Big Ideas!

Here’s a broader view of our “Penthouse”. Launch Manager, Julia, has a big idea she wants to share with the crowd. Many big ideas happen up here!

Commuting to the Burbs

Jen and Alyssa wait for the bus on Mass Ave, right near our office. We may be located in the ‘burbs, but have many enthusiastic T trotting employees.

Lunchtime Stroll

When we feel like taking an afternoon stroll for lunch, Mass Ave in Lexington has everything we need. A Starbucks, Peets, CVS and a plethora of yummy restaurants abound.

Convenient Shipping

Lucky for us, the beautiful Lexington, MA Post Office is right across the street. In our business, it’s important to know where the post office is!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for coming by everyone! We can’t wait to see you again. Happy New Year!